LDV’s Varied Selections for Bomb/EOD Platforms

Choosing the Proper Bomb/EOD Platform for Your Department

Choosing the appropriate platform for your department’s new bomb/EOD vehicle can seem like a daunting task once the planning process begins. When you select LDV as your vehicle manufacturer, you’ll receive over 40 years of experience to help determine which platform will create the bomb/EOD vehicle to best fit the needs of your department and staff.


Massachusetts State Police Bomb EOD – Small Platform

Departments searching for a smaller bomb/EOD or rapid response vehicle can benefit from the highly adaptable commercial cutaway chassis. This platform provides ample room for features such as radio communications, equipment cabinets, tall equipment areas and hanging equipment areas among others. A street side lockable overhead cabinet can be added inside for additional storage along with box pan shelves on the curb or street side interior. An exterior workstation can be integrated to provide your staff a convenient place to work when outside the vehicle as well.








Lewis and Clark County – Medium Duty Platform

Those who require a medium sized bomb/EOD platform can utilize a Regular or Crew Cab 4WD chassis for their bomb/EOD response truck. Departments with a bomb disposal robot can deploy and store this equipment with a specialized ramp and roll-up doors for easy access. An awning can be added to the exterior for coverage while a roof access ladder can be integrated as well. Other amenities like functional communications stations, magnetic dry erase boards, e-track and additional interior storage can be installed for both functionality and convenience.








Scott County – Medium Duty Platform

A gas or diesel chassis walk-in style van is perfect for applications such as bomb/EOD, SWAT, or multi-purpose emergency response vehicles. An emergency light and siren package keeps you highly visible when traveling to a scene while LED interior lighting ensures the inside is illuminated. Prewire and installation provisions can be made for customer-supplied communications equipment or other electronics. Aluminum box pan shelves provide sturdy storage for departmental equipment. An automatic awning is a great way to provide shade from the sun and cover from any inclement weather for those working outside or entering/exiting the vehicle. We can also integrate a robot ramp for quick and easy deployment on-scene.








Custom Bomb Squad – Medium Duty Platform

A platform such as a 13ft. custom LDV-built body with a Spartan chassis can be a great choice for departments as well. Pocket doors create privacy between the cab and work area. For departments transporting explosive-detection canines, a dog kennel cab be integrated for your K-9 counterparts to travel safely to a scene. The body of the vehicle can be designed to include equipment storage including shelving, closets, large item storage, a robot ramp, and storage for your department’s robot. Multiple storage compartments can be added to the body of the chassis, allowing for easy access to equipment while on scene.








St. Paul Police Department – Large Bomb/EOD Platform

For departments that would benefit from a larger bomb/EOD platform, a cab and chassis is a great option. With the ability to include a crew cab, this platform provides your staff plenty of room. You can choose to incorporate multiple LDV-exclusive flat-floor slide-outs to further maximize the interior vehicle space. On the exterior, a custom weatherproof workstation with display monitor, power outlets, and network jacks can be added along with other communications features if needed. A curbside retractable power awning also provides protection while working out in the elements. Our exclusive Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation touchscreen can be integrated as well to simplify all vehicle system functions.








Adams County – Large Bomb/EOD Platform

This custom-built large bomb/EOD platform’s innovative design was developed in cooperation with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. A unique feature created for this vehicle is the linear actuated lift system to help staff safely move four bomb suits from the interior to the exterior of the vehicle which allows the staff to suit up much easier. LDV also developed a unique cross ventilation cabinet to dry the staff’s bomb suits between uses by utilizing custom mounts for each helmet with a drying fan. Our exclusive Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation touchscreen simplifies all vehicle system functions including the dual flat-floor slide-out rooms, rotating telescopic pole-mounted robot antennas, explosives magazine, and automatic awning included on the vehicle as well. Adams County’s vehicle also utilizes a rear liftgate instead of a ramp for easy loading and unloading of their equipment.








Rockford PD – Trailer

For those seeking versatility, consider pairing a trailer with your department’s existing heavy-duty vehicle. This platform comes in a variety of lengths to suit your various equipment needs as well as amenities like custom-fabricated cabinets faced with magnetic dry erase boards, adjustable shelving, and multiple monitors. For departments with a robot, an integrated heavy-duty ramp provides easy equipment deployment and storage. On the exterior of the trailer, features like a telescoping pneumatic mast with a camera and an exterior workstation with monitor add safety and accessibility. Additional exterior storage compartments can be added for convenience as well.







When your department is ready for a new bomb/EOD vehicle, choose the manufacturer with over 40 years of experience building custom specialty vehicles. Visit our website to see some of the other bomb/EOD vehicles we have built or contact us to set up a tour and see why LDV is the world leader in custom vehicles.