LDV Mobile Command Centers: A Look at Some Recent Deliveries

LDV mobile command centers are not one-size-fits-all.

For over 44 years, we have been designing and building the world’s most complex yet easy to operate emergency response vehicles.

Our mobile command posts are tailored to your organization, incorporating the features and details to fit your Department’s wishlist. Below, we have compiled a few of our most recent emergency response vehicles, highlighting the level of customization put in to every LDV-built vehicle.

Boston Fire Department (MA) Mobile Command Center

Boston Fire Department’s new mobile command center helps New England’s largest municipal fire department serve their community best! Their new command vehicle is built on a Freightliner M2 and features three LDV-fabricated flat floor slide-outs. These flat-floor slide-outs maximize the interior space of the vehicle, providing staff with plenty of room to move about. Inside, the mobile command vehicle features a front conference room and a rear area with four workstations. On the exterior, a weatherproof workstation and extreme duty body storage compartments have been integrated into the body. While the exterior workstation provides staff with an additional workspace around the mobile command vehicle, the extreme duty storage compartments ensure that the gear being stored is protected from the elements. A lateral arm awning has also been installed on the curbside exterior, providing coverage for those using the entry door or working at the exterior workstation. We simplified the set-up of their command vehicle with the integration of our Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system. Their vehicle can be set up in minutes with our easy-to-navigate, touchscreen interface.

Williston Police Department (ND) Mobile Command Center

Williston Police Department’s new mobile command center is built on a Freightliner MT-55 forward control chassis. The customer chose to incorporate one of our custom-fabricated, industry-exclusive flat-floor slide-outs and LDV’s Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system into their command post. The slide-outs maximize the interior space of the front conference area which also features a fixed conference table, flip-down bench seating, and three spider-base task chairs. Pocket doors have been incorporated throughout the mobile command center to create privacy when needed between the different areas. The inside also features a galley kitchen, custom aluminum cabinets, and pre-wire and installation provisions for customer-installed radios. On the exterior, Williston also chose to add a heavy-duty non-locking telescoping pneumatic mast with a dome network camera to survey the mobile command vehicle’s surroundings.

University of Kentucky Police (KY) Mobile Command Post

For the University of Kentucky Police’s new mobile command post, they utilized an LDV stock series vehicle. Stock series vehicles provide you with legendary LDV quality at a fraction of the lead time. This incident response vehicle is built on a Ford F59 stripped chassis and is powered by a 6.8L 3V SOHC EFI Triton V10 gas engine. LDV’s Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system controls the flat-floor slide-outs as well as other systems within the mobile command center such as HVAC, vehicle leveling, generators, lighting and more. The University of Kentucky Police will be back at LDV to add additional features to their incident response vehicle such as a weatherproof exterior workstation, HD commercial satellite receiver, and manual horizontal arm awning. Kentucky’s mobile command vehicle is a great example of how LDV’s stock series vehicles can be customized to fit the needs of any organization.

Pottawattamie County Sheriff (IA) Incident Response Vehicle

The Pottawattamie County Sheriff of Iowa chose to build their new incident response vehicle on a Ford F-550 with a 7.3L Triton V8 engine and automatic transmission. This mobile command post features a workstation with a spider base task chair, laminate counter top, and high-resolution monitor. A small galley with 2.7 cu. ft. refrigerator, LED overhead lighting and adjustable aluminum box pan shelving with mesh cargo netting. Their new mobile command vehicle also doubles as an EOD vehicle and features roll-up doors for equipment storage and two rows of VersaTie tracking to tie down their bomb robot. This vehicle is a great demonstration on how a robust mobile command post can be built on any size platform and be used for multiple applications.

If you’re interested in adding a new mobile command center to your organization’s fleet, reach out to LDV today. Our talented sales team can provide you with the information you need to start building a mobile command vehicle your organization will use to serve your community for years to come. If you’re looking for more information on LDV-built mobile command centers, click the link HERE.