Kaniksu Community Health’s Newest Gem

Idaho Healthcare Provider Acquires New LDV Mobile Medical Clinic


When someone mentions the state of Idaho, your first thought probably turns to the many ways to cook their well-known potatoes. After all, the state produces almost one-third of our nation’s entire potato supply on its own. But did you also know about Idaho’s gorgeous scenery? It calls itself home to several stretches of the Rocky Mountains, the Snake River Plain, and part of the Great Basin. Almost 40% of Idaho’s land is held by the United States Forest Service, preserving the state’s natural beauty.

While agriculture is an important part of Idaho, it is also at the forefront of science and technology. The state serves as headquarters to the Idaho National Laboratory as well as other technology companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Micron Technology, Cradlepoint, and many other products that find their way into many of the vehicles we manufacture.

Another organization that calls the Gem State home is Kaniksu Community Health. Serving multiple locations throughout northern Idaho, Kaniksu has made it their mission to provide quality healthcare regardless of their patients’ circumstances. Wanting to expand their services to the rural areas that can make travel difficult, Kaniksu explored adding a mobile medical vehicle to their organization. Ultimately, Kaniksu selected LDV to build their new mobile medical clinic, recently putting it into service to help provide critical care to their patients.


Choosing a Vehicle Vendor

When Kaniksu decided they were ready for a mobile medical vehicle, they asked different organizations they trusted for their recommendations of vehicle manufacturers.  Olivia Luther, Director of Community Relations at Kaniksu Community Health, was quick to point out that these glowing reviews were what convinced them to choose LDV.

“We chose LDV after numerous customer recommendations!  And they were all correct – the process was easy and the team was knowledgeable and helpful. The vehicle far exceeded our expectations!”- Olivia Luther

Since the vehicle is currently being utilized for COVID testing and vaccinations, Kaniksu wanted to ensure they had separate exam spaces and separate AC and ventilation units. Privacy is created in the different areas through flush pocket doors installed on heavy-duty aluminum tracks. At the front, there is also a blackout curtain that can be pulled around the cab area, creating complete privacy in the front exam area.

“Kaniksu Health did an incredible job communicating their vision and the services they plan to offer. This helped us build them a vehicle that will accommodate growth and provide space for future additional services onboard.” – Cory Weithaus, Outreach Sales Specialist

The wheelchair lift is housed in the rear exam area as well, providing access for patients with limited mobility. In the center of the vehicle is the check-in area to welcome patients and an on-board lavatory. This provides both comfort and convenience for patients and staff on board. There is also a lab area with a refrigerator and multiple aluminum cabinets as well.

“LDV worked with us to come up with the best way to organize the space to meet our needs, but a design that could be modified to fit future needs.  We love it!” – Olivia Luther


In The Community

The main focus of their vehicle right now is providing COVID testing and vaccines to people around the area. This has provided Kaniksu the ability to reduce the number of COVID patients from visiting their brick-and-mortar clinic.

“Currently, we are using the clinic for COVID testing and vaccinations.  This helps us keep sick patients out of our clinics, and allows us to create an efficient process for COVID needs.” – Olivia Luther

This approach has also helped them utilize their PPE in a more efficient manner, protecting the dedicated staff working with COVID patients. The vehicle has also helped increase Kaniksu’s visibility within their community. It has attended different community events such as parades, Timber Days, county fairs, and numerous health fairs. This provides Kaniksu with a chance to tout some of the services they offer on the vehicle such as primary medical care, wellness, behavioral health, preventative services, and dental services among others. The vehicle will easily transition from COVID testing and vaccines to general medicine in the future, providing the numerous services of Kaniksu to the population they are serving.


Kaniksu Community Health did a great job of creating a mobile medical vehicle that will serve them now during these uncertain times and in the future as well. To learn more about their vehicle, visit LDV’s website.