Jumping into Action When You Need Them Most

LDV Provides Multiple Catastrophe Response Vehicle Platforms

Catastrophes can strike at any time, adversely affecting a multitude of people in a number of ways. That’s why LDV is committed to building superior catastrophe response vehicles to readily serve communities on various platforms to suit the needs of departments all around the globe.


Transit & Sprinter Vans

A Transit or Sprinter provides an agile platform to navigate devastated areas. When these vehicles arrive on scene, they are able to assist customers with essential services such as assessing damage, filing claims, and issuing checks to those affected. These platforms also provide space to carry supplies such as bottled water and vital equipment. Utilizing a smaller platform also provides flexibility in who can drive the vehicle, as these do not require a CDL to operate.




Commercial Cutaway

Platforms such as an E-450 can assist customers by utilizing integrated onboard technology. Electronics racks can be fitted with radio communications, charging stations, and other important components. Workstations, custom-fabricated cabinets for storage, and fixed bench seating with additional under seat storage can be included in these platforms. Claims are processed on board while features such as mobile canteens or slide-out coolers integrated into exterior storage compartments provide water to those affected. For safety, scene lighting illuminates the area your team is servicing. An exterior weatherproof workstation can include a monitor, phone, and network connections while providing an area outside the vehicle for staff to work. The vehicle itself also helps during weather-related catastrophes by giving victims a reprieve from the elements.




Medium Duty

Medium duty catastrophe response vehicles are an agile platform used to maneuver through devastated areas. The bodies of these readily-available platforms can be customized to fit your needs. The crew cab provides space for staff to travel or it can be reconfigured to make room for radios, controls for lights and sirens, and other equipment if needed. These vehicles can be customized with slide-out equipment trays to hold various sizes and pieces of equipment while a ramp provides easy loading in and out of the vehicle. LED lighting can also be added throughout the cab and body to illuminate the interior during night operations if needed.








Cab and Chassis or Cab and Chassis with Extended Cab

For those in need of a larger platform, an M2 with or without an extended cab provides versatility in the size and variety of features they can include. An M2 with extended cab provides room for additional personnel to travel and a crawl-through space to the work area. Flat-floor slide-outs maximize the interior space for workstations complete with monitors and custom-fabricated cabinets. MondoPad displays can be integrated in conference areas for easy collaboration on projects. An HP plotter and printer to output blueprints for staff to work off of can also be included. A first aid center provides basic aid to those affected by the disaster. Weatherproof exterior workstations with LED monitors and charging stations can be added to the body, providing staff a place to work outside the vehicle. A heavy-duty vehicle leveling system ensures it sits level on uneven or devastated terrain while servicing customers. For safety, a heavy-duty telescoping pneumatic mast with a camera system can keep watch over conditions while a DVD recorder captures the footage. These platforms also benefit from integrating LDV’s exclusive Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system. This system provides quick deployment of your vehicle with the touch of a button including any slide-outs, awnings, HVAC systems, high definition network IP cameras, and other features. Multiple Intel-I-Touch™ touchpads can be integrated throughout the vehicle if needed.




Extreme Duty Large Mobile Command Center

For those responding to weather-related catastrophes for an extended period of time, a large platform ensures your staff has the room needed for essential equipment. These platforms can incorporate up to four flat-floor slide-outs, increasing the interior space for staff. Our Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system quickly deploys slide-outs as well as vehicle leveling systems, HVAC systems, and lighting among other features. Front and rear workstations can be added along with map holders, work tables, and LED monitors. With uncertain hours, a galley kitchen and lavatory can be installed for convenience and comfort of both staff and the customers they are assisting. Multiple electronics racks hold pertinent equipment to keep communications open while storage cabinets provide space for gear and equipment. Exterior storage compartments can be integrated into the body of the vehicle, providing additional storage for gear. Other exterior features such as workstations, pneumatic masts, and cameras ensure the vehicle is protected while allowing staff to transition from working inside to out easily.




On the Ready

Being prepared for a catastrophe includes having the right vehicles to reach those in need. You should be able to depend on your catastrophe response vehicle just like your community depends on you. Designing the right catastrophe response vehicle has never been easier. With proven platforms, interior layouts and options, we can work with your organization to build the vehicle you really need.