International Bomb Disposal/EOD Vehicle Platforms

For those working in the Middle East, North Africa and Gulf Coast Countries such as Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, there are specific factors to consider when selecting your bomb disposal/EOD vehicle platform. Below, you will learn about the different options available when choosing your international bomb disposal/EOD vehicle platform.

Airport & Event EOD
Electric cars such as the GEM ELXD offer versatility that is easily maneuverable in areas such as densely populated urban areas and inside airport terminals. Many features can be included to fit your needs in this vehicle’s custom-fabricated all-aluminum body, such as a custom robot ramp allowing for easy deployment and storage of your robot equipment. Extra storage space can be incorporated into the vehicle’s body with the inclusion of slide-out shelving and drawers. Safety features such as a color backup camera and backup alarm help to provide safety to those both operating and around the vehicle as well.







Trailer EOD
Utilizing an EOD trailer allows you to include features like a pneumatic mast, custom-fabricated aluminum shelving and storage, and a robot ramp among others. A vehicle leveling system can also be integrated into your trailer, allowing it to sit level no matter the terrain. An exterior awning ensures the entrance, exterior workstation or other outdoor applications on your trailer are shaded and protected from inclement weather as well. This platform also offers other benefits such as a lower cost, no chassis to maintain, and an integrated rear ramp door.







Fast Response EOD and Search Vehicles
Employing a readily-available platform for your Fast Response EOD and Search vehicles makes for an easy transition from travel to deployment with no need for extensive parking or leveling of the vehicle. These vehicles also afford you the agility to move through an urban area undetected when left unmarked. In contrast, emergency light and siren packages allow you to stay visible when traveling to a scene. Custom slide-out trays and full extension pull-outs allow for plenty of space and quick access to equipment. A custom-fabricated ramp for your robot can also be installed for convenient deployment. Features like LED strip lighting and a 1000-watt inverter with AC sockets can be integrated into this configuration as well.







Sprinter and Transit EOD
Sprinter or Transit vans are the perfect platform for those working within a densely populated urban area. These platforms offer versatility to configure your space with an LDV custom-fabricated all-aluminum body as well as additional features such as flip down shelf fronts and slide out shelves for convenient equipment storage. A winch can be built into the floor, allowing you to pull your robot into your vehicle when disabled. They also afford you crawl-through access to the cab with a locking door. An easily accessible rear entrance with flip-down integrated steps and a fold-down ramp door with spring assist can be included as well. Transit and sprinter vans also have the ability to accommodate features such as a Will-Burt Nightscan light tower with two integrated cameras, CAT6 computer network jacks, an exterior electric awning, and an exterior-mounted sunlight readable monitor for extremely sunny conditions.







On/Off-Road EOD
When you need an on and off-road capable solution, you can choose a readily available platform with a custom-fabricated all-aluminum body that includes swinging rear access doors and walk-through access to the cab. For those who may work outside in extremely sunny conditions, a weatherproof exterior workstation with sun-visible monitors can be built into the vehicle’s body. An on/off-road EOD can also include heavy-duty equipment like a hydraulic lift for your robot and a pressurized galley water system for added convenience. These platforms can incorporate specialty equipment like generators with dust filtering capabilities and rough duty air conditioning units to make sure the equipment continues to work properly whether they are in the desert or a densely populated urban area.







Desert/Off-Road EOD – Mercedes Unimog
Mercedes Unimogs are perfect for off-road applications and can handle extreme temperatures and conditions found in GCCs. International series air conditioners with direct discharge plenum can be integrated into the Unimog’s design, helping to keep cool in the unforgiving desert heat. An easily accessible rear entrance for personnel, a hydraulic lift for a large robot, and a winch are some of the heavy-duty equipment that can be added to the body of this platform. A galley water system with a refrigerator allows for storage of bomb suit cool packs, keeping those in high-stress occupations a little more comfortable.







Medium Duty EOD – Medium Mobile Command Center – Cab Chassis
A medium EOD cab chassis affords your staff the space to work comfortably no matter where they are deployed. This platform can include multiple entrance points with aluminum roll-up doors or a rear side entrance, all of which can be used for your robot if needed. For those who will be working in the extreme temperatures of GCCs, the AC unit can be engine driven and also includes an inverter for AC power allowing for temperature control. Multiple seating options can be used throughout the vehicle such as flip-down bench seating and fixed bench seating with removable cushions for extra storage if needed.








Heavy Duty EOD – Large Mobile Command Center – Cab Chassis
Large mobile command centers can be used for EOD applications and afford you ample space to integrate numerous necessities for those working in the Middle East or GCCs. These larger platforms greatly benefit from the addition of the LDV-exclusive Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system, allowing for automation of startup and shutdown procedures. Spacious conference rooms and workstations allow those deployed to conduct meetings and maintain their workflow while on a scene. Incorporating LDV-built flat-floor slide-out rooms adds even more interior work space to the vehicle as well. Diamond plated flooring, a tie-down track recessed into the floor, and equipment racks are just some of other features that can be worked into the design of your vehicle and help to make working on site both more convenient and safer.








Search Vehicle EOD – Mercedes Vario
This platform allows you the ability to customize for ample storage space while maintaining the work area you need. An electric awning, international series air conditioners with direct discharge plenum, and a liquid-cooled diesel generator are some of the features that can be integrated to help keep working conditions comfortable. These vehicles can be outfitted with telescoping tripod light poles to help illuminate a scene while perimeter surveillance systems with quad display abilities allow you to keep an eye on everything. Workstations with task chairs, custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets, and laminate countertops can also be integrated into the interior of this platform as well, allowing for comfortable work space.







Post Blast Investigation – Mercedes Axor
A platform such as the Mercedes Axor is perfect for post blast investigations due to its heavy-duty nature. For those deployed in areas such as MENA or GCCs with extreme conditions, rough duty air conditioners can be added due to their ability to withstand difficult conditions. Roll-up doors for interior and exterior access to equipment, box pan shelving with flip-down lids, pull out aluminum stairs, and custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets can be added for additional storage and convenience. A workstation with a fold-down countertop and a front conference area with bench seating and removable table are some of the other amenities that can be integrated into your post blast vehicle’s layout as well.







Explosives Lab Trailer
An explosives lab trailer affords you the mobility and safety needed for your staff to conduct their work while on the scene. These platforms offer more room with the ability to include LDV-built flat-floor slide-out rooms as well, adding further usable work space to the interior. Explosives trailers are outfitted with explosion-proof blowers and light fixtures, keeping those working inside safe. Auto leveling jacks can also be added ensuring the lab will sit level no matter the terrain its deployed in. Wall-mounted A/C units can also be installed throughout your lab as well, keeping the temperature comfortable for those working inside.







Whether you work within a densely populated urban area or in the middle of the desert, there is a vehicle platform that can suit your specific needs. Speak with Ed Cook to find out more about these different platforms and what would work best for your international bomb disposal/EOD vehicle today.

Ed Cook
Vice President of International Sales and New Business Development