Incorporating Color into Your Bookmobile

Incorporating color into your bookmobile’s design is a great way to create visual excitement as it services your community.  Here are several ways to incorporate color into the interior and exterior of your new bookmobile.



An eye-catching full-vehicle graphics wrap is an impactful way to include color in your bookmobile. This is the first thing your customers will see and will set the tone for their experience. The sky is the limit, whether it’s an homage to a beloved children’s book or a colorful collage, so don’t be afraid of bold visuals and colors that command attention. You could even involve members from your community and work with local artists to create your bookmobile’s artwork.



Shelving is a vital component of your bookmobile as it houses the books, magazines, and other educational materials for your community to use. Adding color to these fixtures helps highlight your materials, making them stand out even more to patrons. You can even alternate multiple colors with each shelf, creating a lively visual effect. From pastel green to vibrant orange, colored bookshelves allow you a simple and fun way to incorporate character inside your bookmobile.



Areas you may not immediately think of can also utilize pops of color such as work stations and countertops. These are simple additions that offer extra space to get creative and give your vehicle even more personality.




Bench seating is an additional way to add extra storage space and color to your bookmobile. Choose an accent color or bold hue for your bench seating cushions which can be removed to access storage under the seat. You can even coordinate your front and passenger seats to match or compliment your color palette as well.




Color-changing LED lighting is another cool way to incorporate more color into your bookmobile. You can change the color of the lighting to match with your story time program or sync it with the beat of music you’re playing. LED lighting can also highlight aspects of the bookmobile both inside and out such as sections of shelving or an exterior workstation.



Cabinets can be powder coated in all sorts of colors to help them stand out.  Whether it’s for storing extra materials or cleaning supplies, your cabinets allow you the ability to add a unique and colorful flair to your bookmobile while adding functional storage.




Giving your bookmobile a colorful personality will only help visitors get excited when they see you roll into town.  Add color throughout your bookmobile and help it command the attention of your community. LEARN MORE about LDV custom bookmobiles ▶️ HERE