Including Exterior Workstations in Your Mobile Command Center


Including an exterior work station allows those working outside of their mobile command center access to the equipment they need to properly execute their job. At LDV, incorporating exterior work stations into the design of your mobile command center is highly beneficial.

Designed, fabricated and installed at our Wisconsin facility, LDV’s exterior weatherproof work stations can house technology such as display monitors, communications radios, HDMI jacks for drone video connectivity, power outlets, phones, and much more. These work stations keep components safe from the elements when not in use while providing all the convenience of being inside the vehicle.




A folding work surface can be incorporated into your exterior work station as well. Having this added feature provides a convenient place to complete reports or to plug a laptop into the command vehicle’s computer network. Other features offered for your exterior work station include LED lighting to illuminate the work area during night time operations. A vehicle awning up to twenty feet long can also provide cover for staff when working outside. LDV will design and equip the exterior work station with the equipment you need to complete your work comfortably.



Adaptability is key when your staff needs to work outside your mobile command center. Some agencies find it beneficial to have multiple exterior work stations that offer staff the ability to perform a variety of tasks when deployed. An exterior charging station is a great solution that provides access to an assortment of connection ports. This allows officers and staff a place to charge cell phones, tablets and other battery-operated devices, keeping them going until their job is done.



LDV understands you need access and flexibility to complete your job when working out of a mobile command center. Incorporating an exterior work station into the design of your mobile command center allows you access to the equipment you need even when you aren’t inside the vehicle.