IN THE NEWS: Sheriff Bianco Unveils New Mobile Command Post

Article & Video from News Channel 3

By Jake Ingrassia

February 18, 2022


Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco gave News Channel 3 an exclusive inside look at the department’s latest high tech gear. A new $700,000 mobile command post will assist deputies in critical incidents, natural disasters and crime scenes. Bianco said the command post will play a key role in responding to emergency operations, including natural disasters and crime scenes.

“This is the type of equipment that makes our job so much easier and so much more efficient,” Bianco said. “It’s basically a state of the art moving sheriff’s station.”

The command post is a custom-built specialty vehicle designed in Wisconsin from the ground up by a global leader in the field. The sheriff’s department will eventually have three of them spread across the county. Inside, remote live feeds are streamed in from within the department’s coverage area. Touch screen map technology shows deputies the bigger picture.

“We can tie into flood plains and perimeters so that we can continue to make sense of the event that’s ongoing,” said Deputy Sheriff Joseph Dunlap. He said as technology continues to advance, so will the command post.

“Everything is very methodically thought out to make sure that it’s upgradable,” Dunlap said. “We anticipate this is going to last us 20 years.” The vehicle is equipped to be a mobile dispatch center, a WiFi station, and for the remote areas of Riverside County, even a satellite cell tower.

“I am excited about this,” Bianco said. “I remember as a deputy, going out to scenes in our command post. They pull up in a converted box trailer… Me being in this position, it’s time that our department really updated itself with equipment, with technology.”

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