Must-Haves for Your Medical Vehicle

Hand-selected features and options to ensure your new truck is a winner

Mobile medical vehicles bring care to patients in communities far and wide. They provide access to medical services to those who would have to go without either due to travel constraints or other circumstances. 

Is your organization ready for a new mobile medical vehicle? With our extensive experience in this field, LDV has compiled some of the features we love the most for this application. Make sure you keep these in mind when the time comes to start designing your community’s new mobile medical clinic. 

Intel-I-Touch™ Vehicle Automation System

LDV’s exclusive Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system simplifies the setup of your vehicle! This LDV exclusive system handles everything from leveling and HVAC to lights and the generator all with the touch of a button. Operating the easy-to-navigate touchscreen interface also cuts down on time to start up and stow your vehicle.

Mini Intel-I-Touch™ pads can be added throughout the vehicle, including exterior monitor compartments and individual rooms throughout the vehicle. This provides localized access to the system to control lights, HVAC and more without having to go to the main touch panel.

In-House Fabricated Flat Floor Slide-Outs

LDV’s industry-exclusive flat-floor slide outs maximize the interior space of the mobile medical vehicle. This provides extra space to move around while assisting patients. The flat-floor design also means there is no lip to trip on and allows stools to roll unencumbered when in use. Also, our slide-outs are 100% built in-house and specific to your vehicle!

Depending on the platform, you can choose to integrate just one slide-out or go for the gusto with four! Each and every slide-out we integrated into our custom trucks has been designed specific to your vehicle.

Dedicated Lab Area

Having an area specifically for your lab equipment and supplies helps keep everything together and organized. These areas can be outfitted with custom-fabricated cabinetry, outlets, sanitary supplies, and more. 

Additional add-ons: medical grade refrigerators, freezer or a sink with pressurized water supply. All of our vehicle interiors feature LED lighting for a bright workspace. Consider adding medical equipment to the work surface which can be safely secured when the vehicle is in motion.


Having an onboard lavatory provides comfort and convenience for the people staffing the vehicle as well as the patients. Many of these lavatories have been outfit with specimen passthroughs, allowing for discreet sample collection. 

Add a pressurized water supply system with a hot water heater and even a floor drain to convert your bathroom to a shower.

Magnetic Soft Closure Pocket Doors

Adding magnetic soft closure pocket doors to separate patient rooms, waiting areas and the cab are a great way to provide privacy. The soft closure means no slamming doors when closing. We can also cover the door in a variety of color and finish options to match or accent your vehicle interior. It’s an easy way to add a pop of color to the vehicle!

We can offer the pocket door with a variety of finish options including FRP, dry erase writing surface or powder coat. Use the pocket door to coordinate or accent your interior design.

Colorful Graphic Wrap

Using a colorful wrap on your vehicle can really make an impression on your patients. This is also a great way to incorporate your hospital or clinic’s branding onto your mobile medical vehicle. Consider working with a local designer to create a great graphics wrap for your vehicle!

If you have LDV install your vehicle graphics, your truck arrives to you turn-key! This saves valuable time and ensures you can put your new mobile clinic or dentistry vehicle into service sooner!