GreenPower™: LDV’s Multi-Source Power Plant

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy, often referred to as clean energy, comes from natural sources or processes that are constantly replenished. 

The demand for renewable or “clean” energy has grown at a rapid rate over the last few decades and custom and commercial vehicles are no exception. LDV’s multi-source power plant system can seamlessly distribute power from several different sources to the loads on board. With the system being almost entirely automatic, it requires very little input from the operator, making it simple for staff to utilize on the vehicle without interruption.

“We designed this system to ensure there is always power to support the demands of any deployment,” said Jason Gaulke, LDV, Inc. Electrical Engineering Manager.

Meet The Team

Solar Array: Nearly the entire roof is covered with thin rooftop panels which capture the sun’s energy throughout the day.

Lithium Battery Bank: This potent battery system stores the incoming energy.

Inverters/Chargers: Distributes power from all sources to charge the lithium batteries when power is available, and convert battery power for use in the vehicle when it is not.

Generator: Provides supplemental power when no other energy source is available.

Shore Power: When plugged in, the vehicle has ample electric power available. The Inverters/Chargers will distribute excess power to the lithium battery bank as needed.

Load Panel: Monitors load demands in real time from within your vehicle.

Put Me in Coach, I’m Ready to Play

If the sun didn’t come out today like John Fogerty’s “Centerfield,” or the power demands are too high then GreenPower might have to call up a pinch hitter. The vehicle is equipped with an energy efficient and powerful generator which will be started automatically when needed to provide a steady flow of electric power. The on-board generator is the pinch hitter that is ready to help the team when needed.

For more detailed information on the system, how it works or how we can integrate it into your next custom vehicle, contact our Sales and Engineering teams for more info: 800-558-5986.