Graphics On The Go

Graphics are an important part of your custom vehicle build. They create a great first impression to those around the community seeing it for a first time while also acting as an advertisement for your organization. This doesn’t just pertain to law enforcement vehicles either. Bookmobiles, mobile medical clinics, tool trucks, and more all benefit from adding graphics to their custom vehicles.

Stylish Safety

Adding eye-catching graphics can help your vehicle stand out, quite literally. Your organization’s badges and logos, name, and even safety features such as chevrons make the vehicle highly identifiable. These can be printed on reflective materials to help them stand out when traveling to a scene, especially at night. You can also add any important phone numbers to the vehicle including the main office of your department, clinic, or library.

Inviting & Practical

Graphics are a great way to make your vehicle more inviting as well. In the medical field, having a wrap on the vehicle can help calm anxieties for patients who may be nervous about their check-up. Bookmobiles also employ them to help create a sense of whimsy around the vehicle, which helps hype up patrons before entering the vehicle. On the flip side, adding blackout decals can give your new law enforcement vehicle a formidable look when on the scene.

Branding with a Bang

Graphics can also be a great marketing opportunity for your organization! Incorporate your company’s branding onto the side of your vehicle through the use of logos, lettering, and your organization’s colors. Some organizations will choose to use a full body wrap while others may choose spot graphics. Fun colors and photos can create the difference between an impersonal environment and an inviting one. Consider working with a local artist and designer to create a great graphics wrap for your vehicle. Pay close attention to text and backgrounds. Make sure your message is easy to read while the vehicle is in motion.

LDV-Rockford Public Library Bookmobile

When designing your new custom specialty vehicle, treat your graphics like any other vital component of the build. Well planned graphics can elevate your organization’s specialty vehicle from another tool to a community showpiece. Consult with our Sales Specialists for additional examples of custom trucks with outstanding graphics or click through additional vehicles here on our website.