Good Bones for Tech Updates: Custom Vehicle Retrofits

LDV Sees Mobile Command Centers for Technology Retrofits Decades After Delivery


You purchased an LDV-built law enforcement vehicle 8, 10 or more years ago and the truck has performed well. The chassis has been well-cared for, but technology has continued to advance. Updating your existing vehicle with an LDV Retrofit could be a cost-effective and practical option for your department. When you invest in an LDV-built custom vehicle, you want to ensure it remains at the top of its game. Whether your department or organization operates a Mobile Command Center, Bomb/EOD, SWAT/Rapid Response Vehicle, or other custom law enforcement vehicle, consider a retrofit so it will be ready to serve your community for many more years to come.


Recently, LDV has had several mobile command centers come in for technology updates, including the Hoover Police Department’s mobile command vehicle. Sergeant Ken Gregory explained to LDV why Hoover PD chose a retrofit over purchasing new.


“The decision to retrofit our mobile command truck was simple.

As the technology that helps us complete our mission evolves, we must evolve with it. Having retrofits done to our truck allows us to complete our mission in a more efficient and effective manner.

It was easier for us to approach our city administration to obtain funding for a retrofit rather than funding for an entirely new vehicle.”

– Sgt. Ken Gregory, Hoover Police Department, Alabama


No matter what platform you operate on, replacing outdated components is one of the best ways to revitalize your specialty vehicle. With technology constantly evolving, updating a custom vehicle can include new display monitors, computers, radio communications, and high definition camera equipment. New cabinetry, storage solutions, and improved LED lighting are also great ways to update the interior. The exterior can also be updated to include new lights, satellite dishes, air conditioning units, and generator replacement among other new and improved additions. Some departments may choose to upgrade their vehicle’s aesthetics by adding new paint or graphics to the exterior as well.


As some of these vehicles approach ten years in service or more, a retrofit might be a good option. Many of our customers (departments) have utilized LDV’s superb service and support department throughout the years to troubleshoot minor issues or order replacement parts, keeping them on the road. Even though these vehicles have earned some scrapes and bumps from their years of service, they continue to operate as designed. Once their respective retrofits are complete, they will be ready to serve their communities without missing a beat.


Retrofitting your law enforcement vehicle ensures your department is working with today’s best equipment. These components help improve your staff’s work environment by adding up-to-date comforts and conveniences. LDV will be here when your department is ready to modernize your vehicle so it remains at the top of its game. Visit our website to learn more about how LDV can retrofit your vehicle today.