Geary Goes Green with GreenPower™

Our April Tool Truck Monthly customer feature on Steven Geary’s new 24-foot Freightliner MT-55 was a must-do for us. Steven’s truck has almost endless display space, has an awesome interior layout and is our first step van with our GreenPower™ Idle Mitigation System installed.

Steven owns a route in the Ontario, California area. Shoutout to Citrus Motors Ford in Ontario who allowed us to send a photographer out to capture photos of Steven and the truck a few weeks ago.

So what is GreenPower™? It is a multi-source powerplant system that consists of rooftop solar panels, lithium ion batteries, smart inverter and generator which reduces or eliminates your need to idle at your route stops. The system is completely automated and switches between power sources on its own when needed and requires no input from the truck operator.

⬆️ GreenPower™ components tuck away nicely in a dedicated compartment inside the store.

“Since my route is in Southern California, it made sense to go with the GreenPower™ system on the truck. Reducing my idle time will save me a lot of money in fuel,” said Steven Geary, Snap-on Tools.


Our GreenPower system was sized to Steven’s truck and his needs also.  The system can be configured to increase or decrease the amount of solar panels, LI batteries and inverter/converter size to ensure we maximize the power potential in each particular truck.


Steven told us, “The (GreenPower) system works really well. The generator hasn’t even kicked on yet to provide supplemental power.”

In addition to our GreenPower, Steven’s truck has a big sound system installed. A powerful mono subwoofer amplifier, dual subwoofers, a four channel amplifier and additional 6×9 speakers make his truck a rolling concert venue.

The store features a dedicated desk area with black slatwall, broken tools chute and a workstation window. A glass door refrigerator is integrated into the desk as well. Steven’s well-designed interior also has plenty of product display area as well with the VersaFlex display drawers and Sliding Displays.

Steven’s truck has a central vacuum system, removable promo shelving and overstock drawers as well.


  • 24FT. Freightliner MT-55
  • GreenPower™ Idle Mitigation System
  • Cummins B6.7L 260HP
  • Allison 2200HS 6-speed automatic
  • On-board generator
  • Air ride/air brakes
  • Desk with cash drawer
  • BIG sound system
  • (3) Toolbox openings + room for a cart
  • Removable split panel in box opening
  • Repair stack with Socket Center

Steven has been out on his route for a couple months now and he is loving the additional space this truck provides.

Like a lot of custom builds, Steven got started designing his new truck by utilizing our Custom Options site and then making some minor adjustments with LDV Tool Truck Sales Specialist, Sam Sottile. The finished truck is incredible and will provide a fantastic shopping experience for Steven’s customers.

Like what you see? Our Sales Specialists are here when you need them! If you want to learn more about this truck or other custom tool trucks, send us an email.