Fun and Functional Options for Your Bookmobile

Bookmobiles offer an exciting way to engage communities with literature and educational programs they may not have had access to before.  Fun and functional additions to your vehicle’s design offer different ways to combine the whimsy of imagination with practical components that enhance your customers’ overall bookmobile experience.  Here are some of our favorites:


Color-Changing LED Lighting

Color-changing LED lighting is a fun way to incorporate light, color, and movement into the design of your bookmobile.  This vibrant lighting can sync to the music and change color with the beat while providing additional lighting both inside and outside the vehicle.  LEDs can also be used to highlight other aspects of the bookmobile such as sections of shelving or an exterior workstation.




Smart TVs and Display Monitors

Monitors offer another cool way to immerse your visitors in your bookmobile experience.  Smart TVs and display monitors allow visitors to enjoy educational programming and other media both inside and outside the vehicle.  You can also utilize this feature during promotional events to educate visitors about your library and the services it offers as well as the community it’s serving.





Colored Awnings

Adding an awning can add a pop of color to your bookmobile as well as creating more outdoor multi-functional space.  The retractable awning can provide shade to those outside while also protecting the bookmobile’s entrance during inclement weather.  This additional exterior area can also be a perfect addition when using the bookmobile at promotional events as an exterior display space.




Exterior Audio

Having exterior audio allows those outside the physical vehicle to listen to music, hear announcements, or enjoy educational programs that may be in progress.  Add a ducking PA system for even more fun and capability by allowing operators to interrupt music to make announcements or begin a program.  Integrate audio throughout the exterior of your vehicle to provide quality sound to all of your bookmobile visitors.




Your bookmobile should foster wonder like the stories inside while serving its functional purpose of bringing library services to communities.  Many of the components that can be included in your vehicle can serve both of these functions.  The only limit to how creative your bookmobile can be is your own imagination.