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LDV 3D immersive interior of a mobile command center

LDV Adds Immersive 3D Vehicle Interiors

Before we get into what an immersive 3D interior is, lets take a step back to understand why we added this feature in the first place. The world has gone virtual. Blame it on the pandemic, the up and coming generation or technology in general. Whatever the reason, the virtual world is here.

When COVID hit, people worked remotely which created a need for virtual meetings, video inspections of vehicles and more Facetiming with all of you. Our customers weren’t coming here to Burlington, Wisconsin to take a facilities tour or pick up their new custom trucks.

So, we had to adapt.

We shot thousands of photos, several hundred walk-thru and inspection videos showing every nook and cranny in command centers, tool trucks and other custom vehicles. But we made it work.

As we come out of the pandemic, we are seeing more customers in person again. Tradeshows are happening. Snap-on franchise owners are visiting us with their families to take delivery of their new trucks. We have given more facility tours in the last 5 months than we have in the past two years. Life is good.

But the shift to virtual is still here.

Our customers (you) come to us with a need and only a custom vehicle will do. Most customers start the process with online research: looking at photos on our website, viewing videos on our YouTube channel and leaning on our sales staff to help answer your questions.

So how can we help all of you visualize what a custom truck interior really looks and feels like without you ever stepping-foot inside?


Everyone knows the real estate market nationwide is hotter than ever before. Houses are listed and within hours there are multiple offers, often above the asking price. Some buyers are writing offers without even walking through the house.

As you can imagine, presenting the house with exceptional photography is essential to wow potential buyers.


Interior of luxury home showing 3D immersive floor plan
The real estate market during the pandemic pushed the 3D immersive interior experience forward.


But wait, there’s more.

Real estate agents in the housing market have been utilizing 3D immersive environments since about 2011. They typically hire a company or individual to come to the house, 3D scan the various floors and features and render the final house interior. Much like Google Maps, this allows a prospective home buyer to “walk” through the house. They can look at each room carefully at their own pace while being able to look up, down and around with full control of the space. Read that again: “full control of the space.”

We needed this ASAP for our vehicle interiors.


LDV 3D Immersive Interior of a mobile command center
LDV 3D interior scan of a recent mobile command center vehicle build.


Can you see how this could be great for customers like yourselves if you are reading this blog today? A detailed 3D scan of a command center or bookmobile interior allows you to roam from room to room, zoom in on the features, click on call out items to learn more and understand the real layout of the vehicle.

The quality is incredible and you have the ability to see a top-down view as well as go inside the truck to have a look around. The experience is smooth, easy to navigate and really fun for anyone considering a custom truck.


LDV 3D immersive interior of a mobile medical vehicle
A top down or dollhouse view like shown here with this medical vehicle is especially useful to see the overall layout of the vehicle’s interior. Note the level of detail including the counter top finishes, location of the lavatory and the front driver’s area.


Like we mentioned earlier, this is another added feature to help you make the right decisions when considering a custom truck.

We have a few immersive interiors available to view right now and are eager to add more in all of the markets we serve. The links are below to view those from your phone, tablet or computer. These won’t replace the photography or walk-thru videos we offer currently, so don’t worry.


LDV 3D immersive interior of a mobile command center
This screen shot shows how clickable callouts offer additional information. The callout selected here points to the mounts in the floor for an additional work table that can be added as needed.


As the leader in the custom vehicle manufacturing industry, we are raising the bar on how we market our trucks to make the process easier for you.

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