Finding the Answers for Your Department

Platforms to Best Serve Your Department’s Mobile Crime Lab


Mobile crime labs are vital assets to departments conducting on-site testing at crime scenes. These vehicles bring your lab to the field, providing staff access to the necessary equipment without them having to travel. If your department is considering adding a mobile crime lab to the fleet, there are multiple platforms for you to leverage and configure to your specific needs.



Sprinter/Transit vans offer versatility on a compact platform. For departments wanting to accommodate staff members who need to work on-site, a single or dual work station with custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets, monitors, power outlets, and network jacks can be constructed. For equipment that needs to be strapped down for safe transit, a VersaTie track along with heavy-duty tie down rings can be integrated into the floor. Cargo mesh netting or heavy-duty aluminum roll-up doors can secure equipment stored on aluminum box pan shelves if needed.








Medium Duty Chassis with Custom Equipment Box

A medium duty chassis with a custom equipment box is a great option for departments that rely on different types of various equipment. Multiple sections of adjustable shelving can be configured with pull-out trays, tool boards, and areas for tall equipment storage. Staff can even access equipment from either side of the vehicle using center traverse compartments. Satin anodized roll-up doors keep everything in place and safe while in transit. An emergency lights and siren package can be integrated around the vehicle and can be made to flash in any pattern required by the department. For towing duties, a winch can be affixed to the front bumper as well.








Commercial Cutaway

For departments that prefer more interior space to work within their mobile crime lab, splitting the interior into different areas can create one section dedicated to dual workstations while another can serve as a conference area. This conference space can include fixed bench seating with removable cushions for additional storage space as well as a stowable conference table. The table can be conveniently stored behind the bench seating or strapped on a wall. Our Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system can be integrated to any sized vehicle, providing staff a way to simplify startup and shutdown procedures as well as deploy or start-up features like awnings and generators with the touch of a button.








Medium Duty with Dry Van Body

A flexible platform such a a commercial cab and chassis is great for departments who require room and adaptability. Some departments have incorporated heavy-duty lab equipment such as Safe Fume and Mystaire workstations to conduct on-site testing. Stainless steel countertops provide a durable work surface while providing easy clean-up. Adjustable shelving can also be integrated for different equipment needs. These can be added next to the workstations staff utilize when working on-site. On the exterior, a collapsible observation deck can be installed on the roof for surveying a scene and can be accessed by a collapsible ladder. A flip-down step can be added to the rear bumper as well for easy entry through rear entry access doors.








Cab & Chassis

Cab and chassis platforms are robust options for departments that require additional space for staff. These platforms can incorporate features like a galley kitchen with a pressurized water system and a lavatory if needed, providing your staff comfort while on a scene for an extended period of time. Pre-wire provisions can be made for communications radios, satellites, and other vital technological components your department wants to provide for the vehicle. For added privacy, blackout curtains can be added to any cab or load space windows. On the outside, telescoping tripod LED light poles can be stored on the body for easy deployment when at a scene. HVAC systems provide temperature control with multiple rooftop-mounted air conditioners, electric heaters or furnaces depending on the climate you work within.


Your department can choose to integrate flat-floor slide-outs into the body of the vehicle, providing maximum interior space for staff to work within. A stainless steel conference table found in lab areas can include a linear actuator lifting base for staff to adjust the height depending to accommodate sitting or standing. Spring-loaded power outlets with network jacks can also be integrated into the table top as well. A rear conference area can double as a place for staff to watch their surroundings through perimeter cameras on multiple monitors. Flush-pocket doors on heavy-duty tracks create separation between areas when needed, while magnetic closures ensure no one disturbs meetings happening inside. On the exterior, a weatherproof workstation can be added along with a small exterior refrigerator for storing samples when working in the field. Extreme use storage compartments with integrated Tunnel Box provide interior and exterior access to vital equipment no matter where staff are working. An emergency lights and siren package can be added around the vehicle, including cab-mounted remote-controlled LED spotlights and a valance-mounted light bar.
















A mobile crime lab is an asset to any department investigating a crime scene in need of testing. The ability to have the pertinent tools on site means your department can get the job done when it counts most. Contact LDV today to find out how to get started on your department’s new mobile crime lab.