Explosive Features for Your New Bomb Disposal/EOD Vehicle

Bomb Disposal and EOD vehicles are incredibly important to the communities they serve. These vehicles are deployed to help diffuse dangerous situations while providing the bomb squad with the tools they need to be successful.

If your organization is wanting to procure a new bomb squad/EOD vehicle there are a myriad of features that can be included. LDV breaks down some of these features you should seriously considering incorporating into your new vehicle.

Taking It Day by “DayBox”

For bomb squads a DayBox is one of the most important tools they can have on their vehicle. These boxes provide a safe way to transport and temporarily store explosive devices until they can be disposed of in the correct manner. Add them to a closet area or floor mount them by your bomb robot. You can even add two like the Placer County Sheriff vehicle!

Lock It Up!

Gear storage is one of the most important things to any organization utilizing a vehicle, whether it is for bomb disposal, hostage negotiation, or as a general mobile command center. Using an aluminum roll-up door for these areas is a great way to not only keep things in place, but also to keep them safe. These doors can be locked meaning your gear isn’t as easily accessible when the vehicle is not in use. While mesh netting can also be great for keeping gear safe in storage, there is no denying the durability and ease of aluminum roll-up doors.

Under the Lights

Inevitably, some calls will happen at night with light becoming a precious and much needed resource. Incorporating tripod light poles can be a bright idea for your bomb disposal/EOD vehicle. These lights can be stored on the exterior of the vehicle, making them even easier to access once at a scene. Exterior outlets also make powering up these lights a breeze.

Ramping Up!

Sometimes, you may have to deploy your bomb robot during a situation. While these tools are invaluable, they can also be incredibly heavy. Using something like a ramp can make the deployment of this device much easier. A ramp with a spring-assisted actuator can make the deployment of the ramp easier as well, allowing just one person to deploy and retract the ramp as opposed to multiple people.

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