Dual Function Front Seats

When designing your new bookmobile, interior space is a major consideration. Optimizing the available space provides room for customers, books and custom features. The ability to utilize your front seats for work space with a simple swivel allows you to consolidate a comfortable workstation and a valuable space saver.

While the bookmobile is being driven, these front seats offer exceptional comfort for the driver or passenger with plush cushioning and spacious seat pans. When the bookmobile is in service, they can swivel and function as seats for workstations. This area can then be used to check out books, register visitors for library cards, and answer questions. Utilizing your front swivel seats for driving and working instead of using multiple seats provides additional space for bookshelves, magazine racks, display monitors, and other features to enhance your bookmobile’s interior.

Swivel front seats easily combine multi-functionality with comfort to optimize your bookmobile’s layout. Contact Cory Weithaus, LDV Outreach Sales Specialist today for more information.