Dive Into Our Diverse Emergency Platforms

Choose the Optimal Dive Platform for Your Department

When you need a high-quality dive vehicle to adapt and perform at a moment’s notice, look no further than an LDV-built emergency response vehicle. With a variety of different options to choose from, there is no shortage of ways to customize a dive vehicle to best fit the needs of your department.


Small Platform Equipment Vehicle

Utilizing a smaller platform for a dive equipment vehicle such as a Ford F550 affords plenty of space and adaptability. The large crew cab provides room for five responders to belt-in and travel safely to the scene. The F550’s size allows the vehicle to be staged at the water’s edge, helping responders easily provide surface-supplied air to divers in the water. This ability to go on or off-road also provides personnel with easy access to the essential equipment needed. The body can be configured with roll-up doors which offer convenient access to equipment. Dual exterior awnings aid in keeping the compartments covered and dry in inclement weather. Diamond-tread plated, non-skid surfaces can be applied to the roof of the vehicle, making it safe for personnel to secure equipment on the roof if needed. Tie downs and cargo netting also makes transporting essential equipment like an inflatable boat convenient.







Small Platform Dive Vehicle

The Ford F550 is also a great option for departments who require a slightly larger space to work within. An all-aluminum dry van body can be integrated onto a Ford F550 4×4 SD regular cab diesel chassis, optimizing the vehicle with storage and work areas for responders. Interior amenities such as a stowable work table, custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets with under-cabinet lighting, and workstations with spider base task chairs can be added. Custom aluminum box pan shelves and roll-up mesh netting can also be integrated into the platform for transporting gear safely. A retractable exterior awning provides protection from inclement weather for those entering and exiting and anyone working outside the vehicle. When electric power is needed, a generator can be integrated into your vehicle in a custom-fabricated generator housing. LDV’s Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system helps staff control startup and shut down procedures as well as other vehicle systems with the touch of a button, saving time at a scene.







Medium Platform Dive Vehicle 

For departments who require more room, a Ford F59 chassis with an all-aluminum step van body offers additional space to include the features needed for an effective medium-sized dive truck. Features such as a custom aluminum SCUBA bottle rack can hold up to 6 aluminum or steel 80 cubic ft. bottles of air for divers. Fixed bench seating with removable cushions provide personnel a space to sit and store additional equipment. Aluminum box pan shelves with mesh netting and thumb lock fasteners provide more storage as well. Super bright LED scene lights on the exterior are perfect for lighting night operations. Custom roll-up storage doors integrated into the body provide quick and convenient gear access on the outside of the vehicle. Additional features like a Zone Defense color backup camera system makes moving the vehicle safe and easy.







Large Platform Dive Vehicle 

An MT-55 chassis can provide ample space for departments that require a larger platform with multiple features throughout the interior and exterior. Custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets, gear racks, and oxygen tank storage cabinets provide abundant room for dive gear. Workstation areas give team members space to plan while in the vehicle. Swing out rear doors can be integrated into the vehicle’s body, providing staff a second point of entry. For departments including a generator in their vehicle, a custom-fabricated generator box can also be integrated into the vehicle’s body. Exterior features like a rear-mounted ladder provides rooftop access. A complete emergency light and siren package can also be installed for travel to the scene. A power retractable awning can also provide staff with protection from the elements and harsh sun while out on a call.







LDV has the perfect platform to accommodate the needs of your department no matter what size they require. Speak with an LDV salesperson to learn more about the different dive platforms we offer and what would work best for your department today.