Customer Spotlight: Jerry Butler, Snap-on Tools

He shopped around, and went with the original: LDV


When it came time to design a new tool truck, Snap-on® Franchise owner, Jerry Butler did his due diligence. He went to check out another local Snap-on dealer’s truck, did some online research and even talked to other tool truck builders.


“I looked at two other tool truck manufacturers and there just was no comparison. The fit and finish, the features, the ColorCore interior. I just liked the LDV truck better,” said Butler. “Compared to my previous program van, I went from a warehouse to a showroom.”


Butler noted that he just doesn’t feel fatigued any longer after working long hours. The comfy Peterbilt has air suspension, excellent brakes and lots of amenities to make the work day better. The LED ceiling lights make the store bright and the color-changing LEDs in the plexi-glass shelf edging create some excitement on the promo shelves. There is a new sense of pride for Jerry and his new tool truck. After every workday, he goes through and cleans and vacuums it out. It has made him more excited about his business.


“I designed this truck for my customers but knew I wanted to include some options that make my day easier. I added a refrigerator and a microwave so I can eat my lunch on the truck, which saves money. I designed a closet so I can stash my gym bag and personal items away from sight. And I went with three air conditioners,” said Butler.


Three air conditioners? Yes, that is correct. The region of Northern California where Jerry Butler’s route is gets hot. Like, Arizona desert hot. He told us it can get up to 115° in the summer so keeping the store cool was really important to him.


“My customers know the truck will be nice and cool. They can shop and cool off. It will be really nice for them, and me, this summer,” Butler commented.

The workstation window is another feature Jerry really loves having on his truck. It adds more light inside the interior and allows him to notice customers making their way out to the store.


“My customers have responded big time to the new truck. I have seen an increase in foot traffic of at least 25%. I took delivery of the truck during the COVID-19 pandemic, which says a lot about their excitement. They all want to see the new truck. The increased space and better layout gets unboxed product out there in front of them to touch and feel. It has really helped my sales.”



Sales Specialist, Ray Kawalec was instrumental with the design process of this new truck. Jerry and Ray went over design ideas several times before the finished layout was approved.


“I knew I wanted a personal items closest and Ray made it happen. The entire process working with LDV has been enjoyable. I’m really happy with my new truck.”