Creating a Successful Custom Specialty Vehicle

Your Roadmap to Ensure Maximum Value & On-Time Delivery

A custom specialty vehicle is both an exciting creation and important investment for your organization. Whether you are utilizing the vehicle for COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, deploying staff to a catastrophe, or participating in a community event, you want to ensure your vehicle will be ready whenever you turn the key. When it is time for a new mobile command center, mobile medical vehicle, bookmobile, or other specialty vehicle, you want to choose the vehicle manufacturer that will fit your needs best. LDV breaks down the production process to highlight key milestones to help you during the selection of your vehicle manufacturer.



One of the most important things you can do during the selection of a custom vehicle manufacturer is tour their facility (in-person or virtually). During the tour, you will see firsthand the quality and scope of the work they do. Inspect the cleanliness of the facility and the vehicle construction quality. Walk through their in-progress vehicles. The tour also gives you a chance to see everything the manufacturer can and can’t do in house. When something is outsourced, there is little control over the production and quality of the finished product. Select a builder who offers multiple services in-house, as they have the ability to control the final outcome of every stage of the build. After the tour, the design team gets to work on the initial design of your vehicle.



This step is when your decisions and modifications are applied to the design. The team will then review your vehicle’s design with you in great detail to ensure your specifications are met. Feel free to ask questions and see how they respond. Is the manufacturer willing to listen and collaborate during this process? A vehicle manufacturer who wants to collaborate throughout the production of your vehicle will be a tremendous asset.



Once the remaining modifications have been made to your vehicle’s last design, you are sent the design and specs for your final approval. This review is your chance to ask for last minute clarifications or changes to your vehicle before production. After your approval is received, the plans become final and your custom vehicle is added to the production schedule. This means the next step in the process of building your custom vehicle can begin.



Throughout this step, your vehicle manufacturer should work to ensure your vehicle’s production stays on schedule and you stay informed. A collaborative manufacturer will provide periodic updates so you know where your vehicle stands in the build process. Whether these are verbal updates from the project manager or work-in-progress photos, you should be aware of the work being done to your vehicle. Your manufacturer should make you feel comfortable to ask for updates about your vehicle and its progress as well.



Once the vehicle systems and components are installed, you conduct an on-site inspection of your in-progress vehicle at the manufacturer’s facility. Make sure you look over everything closely to ensure no details have been missed. Ask any questions you may have. During this visit, you will also receive operator training on how to properly work the components and systems of your vehicle.  Operator training ensures proper operation by those who will be utilizing the vehicle. Can’t make it in person due to COVID-19 travel restrictions? See if the manufacturer can create an inspection and/or training video for you to review within the comfort of your office.



Final performance tests are conducted and checklists are completed to confirm no details have been missed. Any items that you want changed after your on-site inspection are remedied at this time. This step ensures the vehicle is in perfect working order before your organization takes delivery.



Once your vehicle is complete, the finished product can be delivered to your facility or you can pick it up. Vehicle training is conducted for those who couldn’t attend the on-site inspection. This ensures any staff operating the vehicle receives the same training as those present at the on-site inspection. It further safeguards the vehicle so it is operated correctly and your investment is protected from misuse.



Do you have questions about your new custom specialty vehicle? Make sure the manufacturer you select has a team of dedicated support staff in-house to provide you support when you need it. This staff means you receive help from those who understand and know your vehicle inside and out. Choose a vehicle manufacturer that stocks the parts you need to keep you on the road and servicing your community. Parts availability and a dedicated support staff are critical for a successful custom vehicle as it ensures you experience little downtime if an issue arises.



The planning and manufacturing of your custom specialty vehicle is a process that should be collaborative and transparent. That’s why you should choose the vehicle manufacturer that is willing to answer your questions and help every step of the way. Contact LDV today to find out how our streamlined process ensures you receive the custom vehicle you want with our second-to-none service and support to keep you on the road.



A successful custom vehicle project doesn’t have to be a daunting task.
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