Considering a New Command Center? Check out 3 from LDV!

LDV mobile command center Riverside Sheriff

Starting your research on a mobile command center and don’t know where to begin? Creating the ideal command vehicle is based on a lot of different criteria such as number of staff members that will work in the truck at any given time, your project budget, CDL vs non-CDL and more. We have highlighted three custom trucks we recently delivered along with some of the great features they each have and why it would make a great choice for your Department.


Vehicle #1: Redding Police Department (CA)

The Redding Police Department’s command center is based on a versatile and durable Freightliner MT-55 chassis. We integrated two flat floor slide-outs into the all aluminum body for additional interior workspace. There is a telescoping pneumatic mast with a perimeter surveillance camera as well as one of our hand-fabricated exterior workstations. Set-up of the vehicle is simple thanks to our Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system in the front area of the truck. The touchscreen interface provides step-by-step deployment of the truck on scene.


Inside, there is a front conference room with 6 task chairs and flip down bench seating which will accommodate a lot of staff members! The vehicle is equipped with a lavatory, galley and rear work room as well. Magnetic closure pocket doors also offer privacy.

Gear storage cabinets are aluminum, counter tops are laminate and entry into the vehicle is either curbside or rear. Six task chairs plus flip down bench seating in each slide-out provides a LOT of seating for staff! Large display monitors can display a variety of HDMI, video and internet sources.

Three workstations on the curbside with high resolution display monitors, overhead cabinetry and durable laminate counters can be found in the rear. A café-style booth is included with access to network jacks, charging ports and more. Blackout curtains provide privacy. Lavatory with pressurized water supply including a toilet and sink has also been integrated onboard the vehicle. This offers tremendous convenience when your vehicle is deployed on scene for hours or even days.

The Freightliner chassis is a proven performer and there are service centers across the nation for future maintenance. Our exclusive Intel-I-Touch simplifies vehicle deployment. The spacious interior has enough room for most Departments. The curbside and rear entry offers a separate entrance into the work room when a meeting is in progress in the front conference room.


Vehicle #2: Riverside County Sheriff (CA)

Our second featured command center are these awesome trucks built for the Riverside County Sheriff in California. Two of their three new vehicles are shown here which feature huge exterior awnings, flat-floor slide-outs for additional interior workspace and a rear telescoping mast with dual perimeter surveillance cameras. We integrated our extreme duty body storage compartments, a weatherproof exterior workstation as well as a charging station for electronics. A bright LED light tower is also included. There is an exterior-accessible lavatory as well.

Inside, the vehicles feature a massive front conference room complete with a workstation, touchpad monitor on the front wall, solid surface counter tops and flip down bench seating. Our Intel-I-Touch vehicle automation system simplifies the setup of the vehicle on-scene.

Another room in the vehicle features a workroom with spider base task chairs, aluminum storage cabinets and stowable center table. At the rear is a dispatch room with two workstations. Riverside’s command center has a conference+workroom in the front of the vehicle. Large high resolution display monitors are also installed. Notice the solid surface counter tops.

The Intel-I-Touch vehicle automation system features easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. It also is a great tool to monitor electric loads and deployed items on the truck. This truck has a great interior layout, utilizing every inch of available space. The rear work room has monitors, computers, gear storage cabinets, and a magnetic closure pocket door.

This truck has a lot of interior workspace and will accommodate larger Departments. Dual Intel-I-Touch touchscreens: one in the interior and one in the cab. The cab-mounted screen allows you to begin deploying the truck immediately on scene. Both of the larger rooms are dual purpose meaning conference + work rooms.


Vehicle #3: Greenfield Police Department (MA)

The third vehicle we want to feature is this Ford E-450 Commercial Cutaway. This is a non-CDL required vehicle so anyone on your staff can operate the truck. Despite its small size, the truck has a lot of great features like the exterior workstation, retractable awning, LED scene lighting and easy to maintain Ford chassis.

Inside, the truck has curbside and rear entry doors, a front work room with three workstations and a rear conference room with stowable center table. Our bench seating has underseat storage. Counter tops are durable laminate along with custom aluminum cabinetry. The overhead cabinets have dry erase writing surface on them.

This truck has a great interior layout, utilizing every inch of available space. The rear work room has monitors, computers and gear storage cabinets. You can also see the rear dispatch room with magnetic closure pocket door. The E-450 has plenty of room on the exterior to integrate an exterior workstation as shown here. The large display monitor features HDMI jacks, USB charging ports and a communications radio. This truck has dual fixed bench seats that are custom made in house and feature removable cushions for underseat storage. A large display monitor is included along with a magnetic surface dry erase white board.

The Ford E-450 Commercial Cutaway is so versatile! No CDL required to drive it and flat walls to maximize the available interior space all at a reasonable price point. These trucks also make great CSI and Bomb Disposal units as well.


The trucks shown here are just three examples out of thousands we have built over the years. Our Sales Specialists are happy to provide additional photos, drawings and pricing to help you during your research.

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