Considerations for your New Command Center

In this blog, we highlight some features that you should consider when creating your command center wishlist. Equipping the truck with these carefully considered components will ensure you are ready for any situation.

Adding a non-locking, telescoping rear mast is a great way to stay aware of the surroundings. These masts can be outfitted with single or dual cameras, LED beacons, weather antennas and more. They are easy to deploy (and stow) and can be fitted to the rear or even the center of the vehicle to accommodate any interior floorplan.

Our weatherproof exterior workstations allow you to get work done outside the truck. Whether your dirty gear is keeping you outside or you need a large area for a meeting, these workstations are for you. Our work stations can house technology such as display monitors, communications radios, HDMI jacks for drone video connectivity, power outlets, phones, and much more. Other features offered for your exterior work station include LED lighting to illuminate the work area during night operations. A vehicle awning up to twenty feet long can also provide cover for staff when working outside.

If power goes out don’t sweat it! We can add a small electronics charging station to the exterior of your command vehicle. Charging stations include multiple outlets and USB ports to charge your iPads, laptops and cell phones in the event of a power outage from a bad storm, hurricane or other situation. These charging stations are weather resistant and include a flip down surface for the electronics to rest on while they charge.

Do you need additional room for gear? Do you have specialized equipment that needs a home? These in-house built body storage compartments are for you. Intended for gear and equipment for law enforcement, fire and rescue, SWAT and tactical, catastrophe response vehicles and more, these compartments are the result of many hours of engineering, testing and construction.

Your truck, your storage box.

We design, build and install our exterior storage compartments specific to your truck and needs. For added protection, durable spatter coating can be added to the compartment interiors. For even more durability and slip resistance we can apply a bed-liner or rubberized coating. All compartments have drain holes with shielding from raid debris so they can be rinsed out if needed.

These compartments also come standard with door-activated LED lighting for after-hours deployment. Integration of lock actuators allow the key fob for the vehicle to lock and unlock all doors and compartments with a press of a button, which is a great safety feature should you want to turn the storage box into a gun safe.

Consider adding an LED light tower to the exterior of your command center! These telescoping towers are controlled with supplied controller and are great for illuminating the scene for after hours deployments.

Get organized! We can custom fabricate a center console to house a variety of components from our Intel-I-Touch screens, siren controllers, cub holders, communications radios and more. We can also add a Havis mount for your laptop(s) or iPad(s) as well. Utilizing the space in the front cab area to house all of these items is a great way to get your truck deployed quickly when you arrive on scene.

By using a HDMI video matrix switcher (EXTRON) you can display a variety of video inputs to any monitor within (or outside) the vehicle. The HDMI matrix switcher can send camera feeds from any source and even stack views on monitors as well. We can add a controller in each room, the exterior workstation and more.

Simplify the setup of your custom vehicle with LDV’s Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system.

Straightforward access and control of your vehicle’s integrated technology is key when deploying your mobile command center. LDV’s exclusive vehicle automation system known as Intel-I-Touch makes this sophisticated technology accessible and easy to use for anyone on your team.

One-Touch Control

Intel-I-Touch’s greatest benefit is its ability to consolidate numerous systems and features into one touchscreen. Full control of generators, flat-floor slide-out rooms, awnings, and more can be coordinated through this automation system. Other operations such as automatic power distribution, HVAC and temperature control, and control of interior and exterior lighting are accomplished through this as well. Integrated safety interlocks provide user alerts, ensuring your staff has the vehicle features stowed before it can drive off to its next destination.

Automated Processes

Users are able to automate startup and shutdown procedures, as well as other processes unique to your organization. This vehicle automation system can reduce completion times up to 70 percent, allowing you to quickly commence operations while deployed.


Touch screens can be integrated into the cab of your vehicle or by an entry door, allowing you to begin startup procedures once you arrive on site. Multiple touchscreens can be integrated throughout the vehicle, ensuring your staff accessibility when needed. Mini touchpads can be added to exterior workstations, the interior walls of slide-outs, or other interior areas as well. Intel-I-Touch can also be monitored and controlled through an iPad, making it more accessible and convenient to operate, especially for staff who may be working outside.