Choice Considerations for Your Custom Vehicle

Our Favorite Features for Law Enforcement Trucks

When it comes time to design your next custom vehicle, be sure to include features, options and accessories that will help create the ultimate custom truck. We have compiled some considerations to include in your next legendary LDV-built vehicle.


An exterior charging station can be integrated into the body of the vehicle with both USB and AC power outlets. Consider a bank of 10 or 12 to charge everything from flashlights to phones. Charging Stations are particularly useful after natural disasters and other events that leave citizens in your community without power.

▶️ PRO TIP: Add a bin or container with common phone charging cords for citizens to use in the case they don’t have access to their own.

The Charging Station shown here has USB and AC outlets for device charging. The flip-down door works great for setting items on and there is also a switchable LED light.


Consider anti-bacterial wall covering for your vehicle’s interior over carpet or fiberglass reinforced plastic. This allows you to use your vehicle for COVID-19 response efforts like testing and vaccinations. The anti-bacterial walls are easy to clean and sanitize.

▶️ PRO TIP: Consult with our Sales Team for anti-bacterial wall covering colors and patterns when designing your new vehicle.


Anti-bacterial wall covering is easy to clean and enables your custom vehicle to be used for COVID and medical response when needed.


Open walls inside your vehicle are a great place to add this useful feature. Magnetic surface white boards can be made to fit any space and are a great place to jot down WiFi information, maps and other print outs.

▶️ PRO TIP: Add magnets to your dry erase markers to attach them to the magnetic surface white boards. Write down dispatch numbers and login info on the board for officers, deputies and staff to find quickly when needed during an emergency.

Magnetic Surface White Boards can be added any place there is space. Consider adding one near your electronics rack for login information.


When your department is deployed for extended lengths of time, you want to ensure your staff is comfortable. Consider a pressurized water supply system along with a small hot water heater. When water supply or gray water holding tanks aren’t desired, we can outfit the lavatory with an Incinolet toilet.

▶️ PRO TIP: Departments can choose to access their lavatory through an interior door or they can outfit the vehicle with an exterior door and pull-out stairs.

On-board lavatory adds convenience for your staff. The one shown here has pressurized water supply and fresh water and gray water tanks.


Exterior storage compartments provide additional storage outside the vehicle for gear you may not utilize regularly or need to access from the outside. Including door-activated bright LED lighting to an exterior storage box means no fumbling around during night operations.

▶️ PRO TIP: Consider adding Dry Deck to the bottom of all exterior storage boxes. This keeps your equipment and gear high and dry should water penetrate the seal.

Lighted Extreme Duty Storage Compartments can be configured with adjustable shelving, cubbies and more for your gear.


Including multiple lighting modes within your vehicle gives you several options on interior brightness and even color. Red lighting is utilized during covert operations and when you want to draw less attention to your vehicle’s interior. Red lighting also puts far less strain on your staff’s eyes while also allowing you to see out of your vehicle to maintain perimeter awareness.

▶️ PRO TIP: Lighting control can be programmed into our Intel-I-Touch™ to quickly change from 100% white, 50% white and red night mode by tapping the button on the screen.

Night Mode: Quickly change from white to red lighting for covert operations via our Intel-I-Touch.


Center tables are a great addition to work areas. But what if the table could be used for both sit-down and standing collaboration? Integrate an electric height adjustable table for more versatility. Added HDMI, USB, CAT6 and any other connection ports that you will use often to make the most from the table.

▶️ PRO TIP: Hidden leaves can make the table even larger when needed.

LDV-Seminole Tribe Mobile Command Center
Stand up or sit down: A height-adjustable center table is a versatile work surface for your mobile command vehicle.


Going to be loading heavy gear, a robot or other large items? An integrated liftgate on the rear or curbside of the truck makes these task so much easier. We can even supply a wireless remote, bright LED scene lights and a roll up access door.

▶️ PRO TIP: If your truck is to be used for Bomb Disposal/EOD operations, add adjustable aluminum box pan shelving near the liftgate access door. This way, all your robot equipment is always near the robot.

Shown here is a 2,000lb. auto open/close liftgate which has been flush-mounted to the curbside exterior of this bomb disposal/EOD vehicle. The controller can be seen in its holder on the rear of the vehicle.


Designing the most versatile vehicle is a combination of chassis type, vehicle size features and ease of use. With LDV, we can make recommendations and help with all of those. Contact your Sales Specialist for more information. Don’t know who your sales person is? Give us a call and we can direct you to the right person: 800-558-5986.