Careers with Custom Vehicles

Building custom trucks (and trailers) requires talented employees in many different areas. We are proud to employ people from nearly all trades including carpentry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, welding and fabrication and more. Custom vehicles are complicated and require all of those trades to create them. In this blog, we will highlight some of the different areas throughout our production facility to inspire you to apply to join our team.

It all starts with locating the right people for the job. Hiring trainable, adaptable people with a positive attitude is the key to our culture. Employees that enjoy building these trucks are great team players, enjoy a challenge and are willing push themselves to meet our strict standards for vehicle production. We pride ourselves on having managers that can spot the potential in a talented employee and move them to the areas of our production facility where they will shine.

Before we even start production on your brand new custom truck, our team reviews the body and chassis for any potential flaws and has those corrected before any work begins at our in-house paint shop. This ensures the finished vehicle will be near flawless for you.

Each area of our manufacturing facility is properly equipped with the right tools for the job. Our fabrication shop features two press brakes (250-ton and a 175-ton), two metal shears, an 80-ton Iron Worker, a Uni Hydro punch/notcher, a corner notcher, a punch press, pneumatic roller and a plasma cutting table. We are adding another smaller press brake in December of this year to keep up with production demands. In addition, our fab shop features an overhead crane and a variety of welders to complete various tasks. Vehicle builds start in this area where slide-outs and body storage compartments are added. We pride ourselves on building these components from scratch and then fitting them to the truck body in house.

Our trucks are then prewired prior to interior build out. We create custom wiring harnesses with the assistance of our electrical engineers to ensure wires are run to the proper areas within the vehicle. This ensures adding lights, monitors and other electronics goes smoothly during the build.

We also have a dedicated lot team that ensures vehicles in production get to where they need to go to continue the build process. Without their efforts, we can’t keep production on schedule.

A few years ago, we added additional manufacturing capacity as the demand for custom trucks continues to grow. The work area is bright and clean and features dedicated build stalls for each of our crews. These crews work together much like a sports team would, each with specific roles required to knock out the truck construction. These crews install walls, flooring, light fixtures, cabinets, the lavatory and electrical components. They also install the HVAC systems, doors and electronics racks needed to complete the build.

Our woodshop also gets involved building custom cabinetry, counter tops and drawers for Snap-on tool trucks and special service vehicles. They utilize a variety of equipment including table saws, drill presses, band saws and sanders. Our carpenters come from a variety of backgrounds including rough and finish carpentry in home and commercial construction. How to properly use a tape measure is a vital skill in this department.

After the truck is built, several rounds of testing and analysis are conducted to identify any potential problems. Once the vehicle is approved and has passed our rigorous testing procedures, it is ready for our Detail Department to ready it for your inspection/and or delivery.

Our Detailers are thorough and have a keen eye for perfection. However, detailing a custom truck is much more than washing it. Every nook, every compartment, every component is painstakingly cleaned and wiped down. These trucks have seen a lot of dust and debris throughout the construction process and none of it can stay. Our Detail Department is the last stop in the custom vehicle process.

Hopefully this blog has inspired you to want to join our team of employees and contribute to the custom vehicle process. You can view our current openings at