Built in Burlington

When you picture the Midwest you probably envision fruited plains, miles of cornfields, and an unshakable work ethic grounded in humility. Burlington, a small hamlet tucked away among the rivers of southern Wisconsin, exemplifies this work ideal and is one of the many reasons why LDV, Inc. is proud to call it home.


Burlington was originally settled after Moses Smith and William Whiting carved their names and the date into a tree making a “jack-knife” claim to the land. Just a week later, they brought back two more men to help build a shanty in what is now known as Wehmhoff-Jucker Park. As more people migrated to this site, originally known as “Foxville,” construction began on a dam, sawmill, grain mill, gristmill, and the first bridge to span the Fox River. With its close proximity to water, the area was deemed a good place to settle since so many could thrive off this natural resource.


Since its industrious beginning, Burlington has grown into a city with over ten thousand people and various interesting quirks including the yearly Chocolate Festival, the infamous Liar’s Club, and the Burlington Historical Society which was the first of its kind in Racine County. Burlington is home to large and small businesses alike, from the Nestle Chocolate and Confection factory to the local shops that dot Pine Street. A quick overview of Burlington clearly illustrates how its inception and subsequent growth has fostered a steadfast work ethic, creating a town perfect for cultivating a business.


Much like the city it calls home, LDV has also experienced growth that has helped to establish it as an industry leader around the world. Originating as a tool truck manufacturer, LDV quickly expanded to include the manufacture of bookmobiles, mobile medical vehicles, law enforcement, and many other vehicle types. LDV and its employees strive for quality in every step of a vehicle’s journey from the initial concept to the final delivery. Having the ability to do things unique to the custom vehicle industry excites and inspires the staff to make the push to work harder. For many, seeing the finished products doing what they are intended to do is the highest reward for their hard work.


Look no further than Burlington, WI when searching for a place that perfectly exemplifies the illustrious work ethic of the Midwest. As a small city with big aspirations, it helps foster creativity that can be seen all over the world like LDV’s custom vehicles.