Bringing Bismarck’s Bookmobile to Life

Photo Credit: Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library

Hard Work Pays Off for Bismarck’s Team

The Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library, which opened in 1917 with the help of a Carnegie grant, is comfortably nestled within North Dakota’s capital city. Over the last few years, the incredible outreach team of Christine Kujawa, Library Director, and Keli McDonald, Head of the Burleigh County Bookmobile, applied a tremendous amount of effort to raise funds for the library’s new bookmobile.

After crushing their fundraising goal and completing the rigorous bid process, LDV was the vehicle manufacturer chosen for their custom vehicle project. When asked about the process of building a new bookmobile, Bismarck touched on some of the factors that made their experience working with LDV an overwhelmingly positive one.




Building a bookmobile can seem like a daunting task, especially for those who have never been involved in the process before. That’s when experience becomes key. Surrounding yourself with professionals who know what they are talking about ensures you come away with the custom vehicle you have envisioned, while easing any apprehensions going into the project.

“Any time you have a big project, especially first-time bidding and building a new bookmobile, there is a little uneasiness in not knowing what to expect,” explained Keli McDonald, Head of the Burleigh County Bookmobile.

One of the main factors in soothing Bismarck’s uneasiness was the one-two punch of Outreach Sales Specialist Cory Weithaus and Sales Engineer Jake B. Their combined years of experience working on numerous bookmobile projects helped them effortlessly walk the Bismarck team through the process and explain what was happening each step of the way.



On a large project such as a bookmobile, swift and open communication is an invaluable tool. This was not lost on the Bismarck team when it came to the responsiveness they experienced from Cory and Jake and LDV.

“LDV was a joy to work with. We had a great working relationship and they were consistently quick to reply and answer our questions,” said Christine Kujawa, Library Director.

The boomoible was designed through open collaboration as well. Cory and Jake were always willing to suggest alternatives and explain the reasons why they would work best for Bismarck’s vision for the vehicle.

“I appreciated their honesty. If there was something we were asking for but it didn’t make sense in the layout or wasn’t the best product, they took the time to explain why and showed us alternative options,” recounted McDonald.



With Bismarck’s outreach team expending such an effort to improve their library’s program, it makes sense they partnered with the custom vehicle manufacturer who shares their passion for bookmobiles. For the team at LDV, they wanted to ensure that Bismarck was driving off with the vehicle they wanted down to the very last detail.

“We worked together on every phase of the project with close attention paid to the final vehicle specifications to ensure we’d be getting exactly what we wanted. The team at LDV was just as excited about our vehicle build as we were and I would recommend them to any library looking to build a bookmobile,” said Kujawa.

For McDonald, the entire process culminated in the library acquiring a brand-new vehicle that was just how they had envisioned. This wasn’t just a big moment for them, but for their community as well.

“They were always available to answer questions and give feedback…In the end, we came away with a beautiful, well-built vehicle that we are proud to share with our community,” said McDonald.


When your organization is ready for a new bookmobile, we will be with you every step of the way. From updates throughout the build process to support after the sale, we are here to help you create a vehicle your community will use and cherish for years to come.


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