Bring COVID-19 Testing and Vaccinations to Your Community

Mobile Clinics Help Provide COVID Tests and Vaccines to Communities


For many around the country, finding a COVID-19 testing or vaccination site seems like an extreme sport. People are still trying to find places where testing can easily be obtained. Scheduling systems have been inundated with patrons trying to obtain coveted slots to get the vaccine while others wait in line or in their cars for hours at clinics. With such a widespread effect COVID has had on the country, mobile solutions bring these much needed medical outreach services to your communities.

Depending on your needs, these mobile medical clinics can be set up to provide immunizations while also administering viral and antibody tests. Viral tests tell a patient if they have an active COVID-19 infection while antibody tests say if they had a past infection of the new coronavirus. Both are invaluable tools in helping to mitigate the spread of additional COVID infections. According to the CDC’s website, “Persons with asymptomatic and presymptomatic infection are significant contributors to community SARS-CoV-2 transmission and occurrence of COVID-19.” This is why testing remains such an important component of stopping the spread, even with multiple vaccines being distributed to the public now.



The CDC has released critical information specifically for satellite, temporary, and off-site locations to run vaccination clinics in the form of a handy checklist. This in-depth list includes the steps mobile locations should take before, during, and after your clinic. This includes items such as vaccine shipment, transport, handling and proper storage to ensure vaccines are stored correctly so the maximum number of patients can be immunized. They also detail the strict guidelines that have been put in place to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 at the clinic. This includes  having the staff’s temperatures checked before entrance, ensuring they wear the correct PPE, having all patients wear a mask when at the clinic, wiping down areas even more between patients and that social distancing guidelines are followed.



While the coronavirus may be novel, the layout of a mobile medical clinic can be designed and built to be similar to a brick-and-mortar clinic while ensuring patient privacy and safety. Magnetic closure pocket doors on heavy-duty tracks provide separation while being easy to use. Separate exam rooms also keep patients comfortable and away from other patients and staff. Medical grade refrigerators and freezers can also be added to your mobile clinic for storage along with pressurized water systems for both comfort and cleanliness. Other necessities such as sharps containers and other medical equipment can also be added into the mobile clinic. Multiple points of entry can help create a natural flow through your vehicle, with patients entering through one and exiting through another. Depending on where the exam rooms are located, each entry way can also be the designated entrance/exit for the closest exam room.



Slowly but surely the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is in sight with vaccines being dispersed to the public. But that doesn’t mean your mobile medical clinic has to stop working for you and your community. Mobile clinics originally used for COVID testing and vaccines most definitely can be repurposed, providing basic healthcare to patrons throughout your area. Better access to services such as health screenings, diagnostic tests, and prescription information help to improve the health outcomes of patients.

With a wide variety of options and features that can be integrated into your mobile clinic, you can create a mobile solution that will continue to serve your community post-pandemic. We can recommend chassis options, vehicle length, etc while keeping you within certain limits which is doubly important for those who are looking for a non-CDL platform.



The last twelve months in quarantine has been challenging for the entire world. Mobile clinics and vaccination vehicles can provide much needed assistance to communities now more than ever in an effort to finally stop the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact LDV to find out how to create the best COVID mobile testing and vaccination vehicle for your community now.