Better Serving Their Community

Customer Spotlight: Kenosha County Sheriff

Written in collaboration with Sheriff David Beth & Sgt. Bryan Easter of the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department 

Photos courtesy of the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department


Kenosha County is constantly bustling with something to satisfy the interests of locals and tourists alike. From the Civil War Museum and the Bristol Renaissance Faire to the annual Country Thunder music festival, there is no shortage of unique experiences to be had. Wanting to better serve this growing community of over 169,000 residents1 was one of the many reasons why the Kenosha County Sheriff’s office chose to design and build a new mobile command center.

Their former vehicle was a repurposed Mobile Intoxilizer bought from the state of Wisconsin. This unit proved to be too small and outdated for the department to work efficiently within. The vehicle had other issues as well.

“The last straw was when we had to send it out at night on a call with no working lights. We had to have a squad in front and in the rear to escort it,” explained Sgt. Bryan Easter, Commander of the Mobile Command Center. “The new command center is incredible and there is no comparison to the old one,” he continued.



On Scene Without Sacrifice

Put into service in 2014, the new unit has become a prominent sight at community events as both a mobile command center and a warning to would-be criminals. Each year in the summer, the vehicle posts up for the County Thunder music festival2 in Twin Lakes, WI. In 2019, it served as the command center during Tall Ships3, an event showcasing historical wooden ships on the Lake Michigan shore.


“When we have large scale events, the mobile command center provides an on-scene command post. This not only deters criminals who know we are on scene but allows us to maintain a presence without having to sacrifice our needs. The command center is a condensed version of our main building on wheels,” he added.

Sgt. Easter was quick to point out the ample monitors throughout the vehicle which provides the entire staff the ability to view critical information as well as the camera mast which is perfect for obtaining a bird’s eye view of their surroundings. The exterior workstation provides an incident commander stationed outside with this info as well.


A Great Tool to Have

“Overall the mobile command center was hands down a great purchase. It is a great tool for the department and because we have this in our fleet, we can provide a better service to our community,” said Sgt. Easter.

Because of the updated unit, the Sheriff’s office has been able to accommodate many opportunities that they would have otherwise had to pass up. The vehicle is activated when there is a need to stay on scene for an extended period of time. It has been utilized for numerous services including specialty community events, PR events, homicide investigations, and demos.


Along with the different calls the vehicle is dispatched on, the department also utilizes it as part of their Bomb Squad. Their largest bomb robot is housed in the vehicle and staff are able to quickly launch the robot because of the ramp system that was installed.

The Sheriff’s office was also kind enough to loan LDV their mobile command center to showcase at the “Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin” contest hosted by the WMC. LDV was a frontrunner and fully deployed the command center at the event to announce the winner of the contest. This gave attendees a chance to walk through the vehicle and see the different features that Kenosha County chose to integrate into their mobile command center.




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