Simplify the Setup of Your Custom Vehicle with LDV’s Intel-I-Touch™

Arlington Heights PD Mobile Command Center

Straightforward access and control of your vehicle’s integrated technology is key when deploying your mobile command center, mobile medical vehicle, bookmobile or other custom vehicle. LDV’s exclusive vehicle automation system known as Intel-I-Touch™ makes this sophisticated technology accessible and easy to use for anyone on your team.


One-Touch Control

Intel-I-Touch’s greatest benefit is its ability to consolidate numerous systems and features into one touchscreen. Full control of generators, flat-floor slide-out rooms, awnings, and more can be coordinated through this automation system. Other operations such as automatic power distribution, HVAC and temperature controls, and control of interior and exterior lighting are accomplished through this as well. Integrated safety interlocks provide user alerts, ensuring your staff has the vehicle features stowed before it can drive off to its next destination.


Broward County Mobile Command CenterAutomated Processes

Another benefit is Intel-I-Touch’s ability to automate standard operating procedures while reducing completion times and complications. Users are able to automate startup and shutdown procedures with one touch, as well as other processes unique to your organization. This vehicle automation system can reduce completion times up to 70 percent, allowing you to quickly commence operations while deployed. With customized programs and automation, these procedures can begin without having to input any other information, ensuring they are completed correctly. With Intel-I-Touch, these vital functions are easily controlled with a few taps of your fingertips and require minimal user training.



When discussing the layout of your specialty vehicle, carefully consider the accessibility of Intel-I-Touch. Touch screens can be integrated into the cab of your vehicle or by an entry door, allowing you to begin startup procedures once you arrive on site. Multiple touchscreens can be integrated throughout the vehicle, ensuring your staff accessibility when needed. Mini touchpads can be added to exterior workstations, the interior walls of slide-outs, or other interior areas as well. Intel-I-Touch can also be monitored and controlled through an iPad, making it more accessible and convenient to operate, especially for staff who may be working outside.


At LDV, we understand the importance of accessing and controlling the systems and operations of your LDV-built custom vehicle. Our exclusive Intel-I-Touch automation system makes your vehicle’s features readily available, allowing you more time to focus on the task at hand.