A Little Help from Your Friends

LDV Provides Exceptional Support for Customers During and After the Sale

Our custom specialty vehicles are sophisticated feats of engineering and manufacturing. From the parts that move like slide-outs, masts and leveling systems to the electrical systems such as our Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation touchscreen, these components all need a little love from time to time. From the day you take delivery, our service and support teams are here to help should you need them.


Stellar Service

LDV’s service and support staff are the same people that designed your vehicle’s systems initially. So when you have a question about your truck and you call us, you talk direct with the experts. They have access to all the drawings and specs to make troubleshooting your truck a snap.


“I have been in the Service Department at LDV for 40 years,” says Bob Kawalec, Service Manager. “Our primary goal is to help our customers keep their vehicle on the road and operational whether it is troubleshooting over the phone, working with authorized vendors or support in the field. We are there for our customers when their needs arise.”




LDV’s Service Department is dedicated to helping customers troubleshoot issues they may encounter. From locating service stations around the area to tracking down technicians who can get to the problem, our Service Department is always looking for a solution. They are also on the phone, walking customers through the process to help fix whatever problem they may be dealing with at the moment.


Stellar service extends to our Parts Department as well. Suzette and Jen are dedicated to providing you the replacement and maintenance parts that keep your vehicle running. Have a question about what part you may need for your particular vehicle? They can find that out for you. Need helping ordering it? Suzette and Jen are on the case.


“I like getting to know our customers after working with them for so long. After a while, they really are like friends. There’s always a challenge and being able to help keep these guys on the road gives you a sense of accomplishment knowing you’ve been able to help.” – Suzette, Parts Department




We also stock more parts than any other custom vehicle manufacturer in the industry. This means when you need a new part, we can have it to you in no time, making sure you’re back out hitting the pavement.


Superb Support

Does your custom vehicle feature our exclusive Intel-I-Touch automation system? The touchscreen automates the startup and shutdown procedures for your custom vehicle with the touch of a button. Sometimes, this system will require a bit of troubleshooting. Not only is the Intel-I-Touch easy to operate for the user, it also allows remote access for LDV’s service team should an issue arise.


Having the ability to troubleshoot a vehicle’s issues from our Burlington office means we are able to help any customer, no matter where they are located.  Our Electrical Engineering Department is able to walk you through this sophisticated system and help with any issues. This saves time and resources as a technician does not have to travel to the vehicle’s location to fix the issue.


“The diagnostic and remote support features built into Intel-I-Touch allow us to more quickly resolve issues in the field over the phone and nearly eliminates the need for an on-site technician.” – Jason, Electrical Engineering Manager





Tantalizing Testimonial

We recently spoke with Deputy Sheriff Scott Dinehart & Emergency Management Coordinator Dewey Johnson from the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office, who were picking up their mobile command center. They started bringing their vehicle to us for annual maintenance a few years ago and have kept up with the practice ever since.


“Since we’ve started bringing our vehicle in for annual maintenance, we haven’t had any real issues with our vehicle. The communication we receive from everyone at LDV is outstanding. Everyone is always responsive, realistic with timelines, and honest about what needs to happen so there are never any surprises. We’ve had a great relationship with LDV.” – Scott Dinehart, Deputy Sheriff




St. Louis County has been so impressed with LDV’s customer service that they are in the process of building another mobile command center with us. This will be their fourth LDV custom specialty vehicle after their water rescue vehicle, SWAT transport vehicle, and their current mobile command center. The new command center will mirror the current one, with a few changes to make maintenance of the vehicle even easier.


Their reason for coming back to LDV so many times? The exceptional service provided by LDV. St. Louis County couldn’t stop raving about our staff and the service they have provided throughout the years.


“Our trucks have been great overall but when we have needed to utilize LDV’s Service Department it’s always been great. Jason in Electrical Engineering, Suzette in Parts, and Bob in Service are just phenomenal. Every time we have needed help, one of them has been able to get us what we need,” said Deputy Sheriff Dinehart.


The department also displayed their vehicle at the National Sheriff’s Association show when it was hosted in Minnesota. Their vehicle is a great example of LDV’s quality engineering and manufacturing. Even during our conversation, Bob dropped in to talk shop with St. Louis County’s staff, echoing Suzette’s thoughts on how our customers truly do become friends after years of working together.


Service is something that we take seriously here at LDV. When your organization is ready to add a new custom specialty vehicle to its fleet, be sure to rank service and support high on the list. Choose the vehicle manufacturer that will be there for you when you need it most.