5 Features to Make Your Medical Vehicle Great!

Help Your Vehicle Stand Out from the Crowd


Has it been a while since you last designed a mobile medical vehicle for your organization? Or maybe you’re designing your first? Popular features and trends have evolved over the years, providing fresh options that may not have been around during your previous build. LDV has compiled some of these features to ensure your mobile medical vehicle stands out while providing healthcare to your community.



Law enforcement agencies are familiar with LDV’s exclusive Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system, but our exclusive system can provide big benefits to medical organizations as well! This touchscreen system can control vehicle systems from leveling and HVAC to controlling lights and starting the generator. Operating these systems through the easy-to-navigate touchscreen interface not only cuts down on the amount of time spent starting up and stowing your vehicle, but can also cut down on operator errors with the automation of these systems.


Dual Entry Doors

Privacy and safety are key for patients visiting their doctor whether it is at a brick-and-mortar or mobile clinic. Including dual entry doors in your medical vehicle gives your patients access to the vehicle without having to interact with other patients. For organizations hosting vaccine and testing clinics, this helps to cut down on cross-contamination and increases efficiency for staff as well.



On-board Lavatory

On-board lavatories provide a plethora of benefits for patients and the staff on the vehicle. They offer convenience for staff who may be traveling throughout the day, while providing a dedicated area for patients to provide samples. Specimen pass-through doors can also be added to your lavatory, providing a clean, simple way for staff to collect samples while reducing interaction and foot traffic in the vehicle.


Wheelchair Lift

The goal of a mobile medical vehicle is to provide healthcare to all those in the community who may otherwise miss out on these important services. Integrating a wheelchair lift is a great way to ensure everyone in your community has access to your mobile medical vehicle. Depending on the wheelchair lift you choose, they can be stored in a cassette to conserve space or in a room inside the vehicle such as the rear work/exam area. For lifts that are stored inside the vehicle, a wheelchair access door can be integrated into the body to work in conjunction with the lift. Utilizing the supplied remote control makes operation of the wheelchair lift easy for any staff member.


Colorful Wrap

For many people, going to the doctor can create a lot of anxiety, especially for children who may not be used to going to the doctor. Employing a colorful wrap on your vehicle, whether they are spot graphics or a full vehicle wrap, can really make an impression on your patients. This is also a great way to incorporate your hospital or clinic’s branding onto your mobile medical vehicle. Fun colors and photos can create the difference between an impersonal clinic and an inviting environment!


Designing your new mobile medical vehicle with the most current features will create an asset your organization can use for years to come. Call LDV, the custom vehicle manufacturer that is always a step ahead, and get working on your new mobile medical vehicle today.