3 Recent Feature-Packed Deliveries

Medical vehicles, much like the organizations that use them, come in all shapes and sizes while offering an array of different features. Any need can be catered to whether that is extreme duty body storage compartments for additional gear storage, a wheelchair lift to provide access for patients of all abilities, or lab space for medical equipment such as fridges and freezers to store vital vaccines and medicines.

Over the years, LDV has manufactured hundreds of mobile medical vehicles tailored to the needs of each individual organization. Below are some of our most recent deliveries to show how different medical organizations have incorporated some of these features into their vehicles.

Lurie Children’s Hospital

Lurie Children’s Hospital did a great job of incorporating kids into the creation of their vehicle. Lurie employed famous Chicago artist Rafael Lopez to create the wrap, taking ideas from children about what their community means to them and incorporating this into the actual wrap. This creates a fun, inviting vehicle that kids are excited to see coming down the street.

Wood slatwall has also been used inside the vehicle to help give a warm, inviting look to the interior. This helps to create a more appealing environment in the front and rear patient rooms as well as the check-in area found in the center of the vehicle. LDV’s exclusive Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system has also been included to assist with deploying the slide-out, controlling lights & HVAC, starting the generator, and other features throughout the vehicle.

“With a new, larger mobile health unit, we will be able to expand our reach and readily respond to the unique needs of more individuals in the communities we serve,” said Jacinta Staples, MSN, RN, Director of Community-Clinic Collaborations at the Patrick M. Magoon Institute for Healthy Communities at Lurie Children’s. Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago News

Lakeshore Community Clinic

Lakeshore Community Clinic integrated one of LDV’s industry-exclusive flat-floor slide outs into their rear patient room. This maximizes the interior space of the room while providing a smooth floor, free from tripping hazards. This room also features the wheelchair lift housed within a body compartment, making it convenient to store while providing access into the mobile clinic for all patients when at a stop.

Fixed bench seating has been incorporated as well, providing seating as well as additional storage space inside the vehicle. Different fabrics can be used for these seats in all kinds of colors that match or contrast the powder coat used on your cabinets or even your organization’s branding.

Ronald McDonald House Charities® of the Ozarks

Ronald McDonald House Charities® of the Ozarks did a great job of incorporating color into their mobile medical vehicle! The vehicle, lovingly called ‘The Tooth Truck’, utilizes colorful powder coat to help distinguish each room from each other. RMHC’s fabric choices are also a great accent color for the powder coated cabinets, really helping to give each area its own distinct look.

Solid surface countertops were used in this vehicle as well, providing excellent durability especially within a medical setting. These will hold up to disinfectants while wiping clean easily. Exterior storage was also important to Ronald McDonald House to add extra storage space for equipment and supplies.

Even though The Tooth Truck is a mobile office just over 200 square feet in size, it still has the ability to provide a full range of dental services, including x-rays, cleanings and sealants, root canals, fillings and more. This state of the art mobile dental office features two complete operatories. The unit features self-contained water systems and is completely heated and air conditioned to operate in any season. Any treatment that does not require complete sedation may be performed on the Tooth Truck.” – Ronald McDonald House Charities® of the Ozarks