11 Trucks and Counting: Franchisee, Mark Diaz

19 Years as a Snap-on Tools Franchise Owner and 11 LDV Tool Trucks

Known as the Centennial State’s “Olympic City” is Colorado Springs, home to both the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee Headquarters. Located near Pikes Peak and the Pike National Forest, the city’s mountains and forests look as though they were meticulously carved with a precision tool. If you find yourself in Colorado Springs in need of the world’s premier tool brand, look no further than Snap-on® Franchisee Mark Diaz.

Mark owns and operates six routes throughout his territory. With a seventh route belonging to his son, he has been able to make his Snap-on career a family affair. Diaz has owned an impressive eleven (!) LDV tool trucks throughout his career and approaches each new build as an opportunity to create a great selling and shopping atmosphere for his employees and customers. His tool trucks have an open feel to them, giving customers an experience akin to a brick-and-mortar store. Enlisting the help of LDV veteran tool truck sales specialist Pete Madsen, Mark is able to leverage decades of tool truck design experience to create a vehicle that will wow anyone as it drives down the road.

“There’s never buyer’s remorse. I don’t cry when I buy a new LDV truck. One of my tool trucks is 21 years old and if I can get 20 years out of my new ones, to me that’s money well spent on a great investment.” – Mark Diaz, multiple Snap-on Franchisee

He also isn’t afraid to switch things up with each new build. Recently, Mark took delivery of two 26ft. Peterbilt mobile tool stores to add to his growing fleet. Some of the design changes he made to his new Peterbilts include a custom socket rail board that is built into the driver’s side wall. This replaces an additional air ladder and torque wrench rack found on his 2017 tool trucks. Mark also chose to include a horizontal torque wrench display over the curbside entry door as opposed to a glove holder to make removal of the tools easier.

To continue impressing his customers, Diaz utilizes the many different display options that LDV provides to get his products in front of his customers. While attending SFC in 2019, he made sure to order half a dozen of our new Sliding Displays to outfit his trucks with. He credits LDV with designing and manufacturing innovative displays to get as many products as possible in front of customers while making it easy to find what they need.

“Competitors cannot compare to the quality of an LDV truck. From the way the wiring is done, to the shelves, layout, lights, and generators, it’s apples vs rocks,” explained Diaz.

Mark is also grateful for his great team of guys and makes sure to focus on their well-being while out working their routes. Diaz incorporated several conveniences such as refrigerators, microwaves, and comfy seats in the cab area.

“I can’t do this without my team. I have a bunch of great guys and they give me feedback on what they would change or make better. These guys can be working 12-14 hours a day and the trucks make that easier when you have fridges, microwaves, and comfortable seats in them. It helps keep your attitude up and positive,” said Diaz.

LDV is honored to be such a long-standing part of Mark Diaz’s Snap-on family. You can view his testimonial by clicking on the video below and hear for yourself why Mark chooses LDV time and time again. Interested in purchasing your own LDV-built tool truck? Contact our Tool Truck Sales Team to start designing your new tool truck today.

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