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Congratulations on purchasing your new Snap-on franchise! As you begin this exciting new business opportunity, please review the materials on this page to learn more about the franchise tool truck and Snap-on approved options, the purchasing process and other required paperwork and forms. And, of course, feel free to contact the LDV sales team at any time for more information! It’s our business to help you better run yours. View our new and used tool truck options below.
New Vehicles
Used Vehicles

For over 45 years, LDV has designed, built and serviced tool trucks for Snap-on. When you buy an LDV tool truck, you are getting years of industry knowledge, combined into the best possible truck on the market. Backed by the best service and sales support in the industry, LDV is the market leader. Take a look at the following photos to learn more about your new franchise truck! For the new latest specifications, please e-mail

The vehicle build process starts with the selection of the right chassis and body to do the job. Having worked with Snap-on for decades, LDV understands the importance of a durable, reliable vehicle to keep you on the road selling tools. Today’s 20’ aluminum body on the Freightliner MT-55 chassis provides plenty of payload and display space when starting out and room to grow as your business expands. The mechanical suspension driver and passenger seats provide a comfortable ride while going down the road.

New for 2023! Our franchise tool truck features a new and improved dash layout with digital gauges to keep tabs on your vehicle's vitals.

The franchise truck features comfortable driver and passenger seats along with a removable 3rd seat, which mounts in the center of the cab.

A 2,000 lb all aluminum lift gate incorporates all of the latest safety features. An auto open/close feature makes deploying the gate a snap. The safety guide rails on the gate prevent tool storage from rolling away and can be rotated out of the way for loading cabinets, top boxes and other large items. The twin rear doors won’t allow the gate to operate unless the doors are fully open or closed.

A sliding, lockable bulkhead separates the driver’s cab area from the store area; allowing you to secure your tools when the vehicle is in for storage. The workstation is conveniently located near the setback entry door to great your customers.

LDV worked closely with Snap-on to develop our newest VersaFlex interior system. Providing ultimate flexibility, the interior gives franchisees the ability to quickly and easily change the look of their truck and modify their layout to feature individual products and create custom displays. Sliding display drawers allow customers to interact with the truck while wall-mounted merchandising displays let customers get your product in their hands and feel the Snap-on difference!

A 53,000 btu engine-driven A/C at the rear of the vehicle keeps you cool in the summer, along with dash A/C for the cab area. A 12,000 btu diesel-fired furnace keeps you warm in the winter.

Three tool storage areas, 82", 76” and 46”, give you ample space to store and showcase a full range of Snap-on’s tool storage product line. Smooth aluminum flooring in these areas provides protection for the vinyl flooring. The 46” area at the rear has power and HDMI inputs to the truck’s 32” monitor and can be used as a secondary workstation.

LDV’s wall mounted displays are a great way for franchisees to showcase Snap-on’s product line. Designed for feature specific Snap-on product lines or provide space for new or promotional product, these displays are a great merchandising option. Each display easily mounts to the wall with four clips into the e-track and can quickly be moved and interchanged with other displays.

LDV’s on-staff electrical engineers have worked to develop a system that provides the franchisee ample power for lighting, computing and printing, while minimizing the need to run the engine all day long. Four auxiliary batteries are charged overnight when plugged in to shore power. The vehicle’s alternator provides additional power when the engine is running throughout the day. A battery watering system is included to simplify maintenance.

Reconditioned vehicles come back to LDV when they are still in great shape and have plenty of life left in them as a Snap-on truck. Each vehicle undergoes a detailed inspection covering the three main components of a tool truck: the chassis, body and interior. LDV performs a detailed mechanical review addressing any issues noted. Major scratches and dents are addressed by LDV’s fleet shop. The interior review covers all major systems, including HVAC, electrical, shelving and merchandising aids, lighting and overall appearance. The result is a truck that you can be proud to sell the world's best tools out of!

Each reconditioned vehicle is thoroughly reviewed for major dents and scratches. New decals, paint or graphics are applied as needed to bring the truck to Snap-on’s brand standards.

LDV follows strict standards related to tire tread depth. Anything below our standard is replaced with new tires. Depending on the condition of the wheels, aluminum simulators may be added.

The entry to your store is your customer’s first impression. LDV pays special attention to the entry way, polishing the diamond plate and scrubbing the non-skid steps to ensure your customers know they are stepping up to quality!

You will spend many hours in your tool truck. LDV understands this and makes sure your area is a clean, comfortable environment for you to spend your days.

Having originally built the truck, LDV has the parts, tools and know-how to shine up your second-hand beauty. All shelves, ceiling, walls and flooring are scrubbed, lacing is tightened, electrical systems are checked, batteries load tested, HVAC components are serviced and lighting is changed to give you the best environment for selling tools.

Any updates to safety, merchandising or marketing are added to give the franchisee all the tools for success.

Each franchise vehicle comes with merchandising display aids to help you feature individual product lines. LDV will bring these display aids to like new condition, adding any missing or incomplete pieces so you can maximize their effectiveness.