Follow the Leader in Tool Trucks

5 Reasons to Buy from LDV

Since LDV’s inception 43 years ago, we have excelled as leaders in the custom specialty vehicle field, especially when it comes to quality and innovation. Whether it is a new and inventive vehicle design, exceptional service before and after the sale, the extensive experience of our employees, or our wide range of selection, LDV is committed to our customers. If you’re considering buying a new vehicle, read below to see why LDV is the leader in tool truck manufacturers.


  1. Innovation

LDV continues to look to the future as we push ourselves to create new and exciting designs. We have made it our mission to define the tool truck industry when it comes to the highest quality, most functional and innovative layouts and features.

For instance, the massive change from a mobile warehouse with 5 shelves to a true retail environment was pioneered by LDV. Our VersaFlex™ interior incorporated product display drawers, adjustable and interchangeable shelving and eye-catching merchandising displays.







LDV was also the first vehicle manufacturing company to use ColorCore™. This durable, attractive new interior material is now incorporated into nearly 80% of the custom trucks we build. ColorCore also provides a unique way to add Snap-on branding throughout your tool truck with the ability to inlay Snap-on® logos into the material.


We also continue to develop new displays to keep up with the evolving line of Snap-on products such as cordless tools and diagnostic equipment. One of our newest ways to present your products to your customers is our Sliding Display. This display literally puts the products right in front of your customer, sliding toward the aisle to improve customer interaction. With 16 different accessories currently, and more on the way, you can customize your display to show off what your customers gravitate to most.







Our most recent innovation was an upgrade to our exterior storage boxes. We designed these new boxes for improved weather-resistance to ensure overstock is safe and secure while keeping the elements out. Featuring custom box-pan doors, 1/8” aluminum and our vastly improved comfort grip handles, we are proud to say these boxes are the best in the tool industry!







  1. Committed to Customer Service

Long after your truck has left our facility, LDV is still here for you. We have two full-time dedicated Service Representatives to take your phone calls, answer questions, and help troubleshoot issues that occur. Over the years, many of you have spoken with our Technical Service Manager, Bob Kawalec. In Bob’s 40 years with LDV, he has certainly solved thousands of problems, lots of those on nights and weekends!

In addition to our Service personnel, we also have dedicated Parts Representatives to get your replacement parts to you quickly and efficiently. Nearly every item used to build your truck can be found in our warehouse’s inventory and can be shipped for next day delivery to keep you selling tools!



  1. Chassis and Interior Selection

If it has wheels, there is a very good chance LDV has built an interior for it! We pride ourselves on the ability to customize any vehicle, no matter the size or make. We have built on all of the major platforms from Class7 & 8 Peterbilts, Kenworths and Hinos, to Fords and Freightliners, Transits, Sprinters and Trailers. With over 100 units in inventory on ground right now, we are ready to transform one of these blank canvases into your gorgeous new tool truck!

Do you need a truck now? Consider one of LDV’s own stock series tool trucks! Based on our industry knowledge, these vehicles are built on a variety of platforms and include the most popular layouts and interior options. These tool trucks are constantly in production, creating a shorter lead time to get your new truck rocking and rolling. Contact our sales staff to find out how you can get the legendary quality of an LDV-built tool truck without the wait.







  1. 43+ Years of Experience

Incorporated in 1977 and building even before that, LDV has built over 10,000 tool trucks in our history! In fact, nine out of every ten Snap-on tool trucks is built by LDV. Take advantage of that knowledge when designing and building your new store. We have seen it all and can make suggestions you may not have even thought of.

We have over 260 employees with an average tenure of 10 years. Thirteen of those employees have over 35 years of experience with LDV – you can’t get that experience, knowledge and know-how anywhere else. When you think about building a new truck, put the experts who have done this time and again to work for you!


  1. Highest Resale Value

Retaining a high resale value is especially important if you want to upgrade your tool truck down the road. A recent review of trucks sold in the past few years indicated that LDV trucks have, on average, a $31,000 HIGHER resale value than our competitors*.  You can rest assured when you are ready to upgrade again, your truck will be worth more if it is built by LDV!

*Comparison based on cab chassis model year trucks 2012 – 2015 sold on







When you’re in the market for a new tool truck, don’t just follow the leader. Select the vehicle manufacturer that continues to find roads not yet traveled and makes them their own. Select LDV.