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Step Van Tool Trucks for Your Specific Needs

Leveraging our wide range of experience enables us to explore more options, delivering customers optimal flexibility when developing their specialty vehicle. Because we know your truck is like a second home, we make sure it’s:

  • Designed for optimal space and comfort
  • A well-laid-out merchandising environment to generate more sales
  • Contemporary furnishings like aluminum and modern wood shelving
  • Innovative technology, POS systems, POP displays and safety features
  • Our goal is to help create the right environment to enhance your customers’ overall buying experience.

    We offer several step vans in 16′, 18′, 20′, 22′ and longer models – the shorter options are ideal for those wanting to avoid driving a CDL-required vehicle. With multiple configurations to store and display merchandise, they ensure high customer interest in the most profitable areas of your walk-in van.

    Check out our wide selection of innovative and dependable step van tool trucks for sale.

    BRAND NEW Stock Series 20ft MT-55 Tool Truck - Ready NOW!
    The vehicle is built and ready for pick-up or delivery right now! Based off our Stock Series, the 20ft. MT-55 features forward entry door with aluminum ...
    Rob Belcher 22ft. Freightliner MT-55 Tool Truck
    Rob Belcher recently took delivery of his new tool truck! This 22ft. Freightliner MT-55 is packed with display space. Upon entry there is a SolidCore promo ...
    John Roncone's New 20ft. Ford F59 Tool Truck
    John Roncone’s new Ford F59 features a forward entry door with our ColorCore interior and a custom L-shaped desk. There is a sliding window at the ...
    Herschel Wilson's New 20ft. Freightliner MT-55 Tool Truck
    Herschel Wilson’s new 20ft. Freightliner MT-55 has a great layout! The front of his well-thought out step van includes a jump seat and promo shelf to ...
    Kyle De Santis' 22ft. Freightliner MT-55 Tool Truck
    Kyle just took delivery of his new 22-foot MT-55. The 260HP Cummins diesel-powered truck has a GVWR of 26,000 pounds and features a set-back side entry ...
    Dave Sileo's 20ft. Ford F-59 Mobile Tool Store
    Dave Sileo recently took delivery of his new mobile tool store! The 20ft. Ford F-59 chassis has a battery box with a sliding tray, 2000-lb. self-closing ...
    Wayne Walker's 20ft. Ford F-59 Mobile Tool Store
    Wayne Walker’s new 20ft. Ford F-59 gas chassis is full of storage! Wayne opted to use our VersaFlex drawers with red styrene for product display. Underneath, ...
    Larry Miller's 22ft. Freightliner MT-55 Tool Truck
    Larry Miller’s 22ft. Freightliner MT-55 has a set back door which allows for private cab space when the cab divider is in use. Catalog display racks ...
    John Shewmaker's 20ft. MT-55 Mobile Tool Store
    John Shewmaker recently took delivery of his new 20ft. MT-55 mobile tool store! A black oak stain 5-drawer stack plus a drawer for broken tools has ...
    Darren Pagel's 22ft. Freightliner MT-55 Custom Tool Truck
    Darren Pagel’s new custom tool truck is gorgeous! This 22ft. Freightliner MT-55 has ash shelf faces and drawers throughout the interior. An L-shaped workstation includes an ...
    Doug Bruttomesso's 2019 Freightliner 22ft. MT-55 Custom Mobile Tool Store
    Doug Bruttomesso’s new Freightliner 22ft. custom mobile tool store is packed with awesome features! He layout features our ColorCore 5-drawer stack with swirl plate aluminum work ...
    Charles Fiffy's 20ft. Freightliner MT-55 Custom Mobile Tool Store
    Charles Fiffy recently tool delivery of his new mobile tool store! His 20ft. Freightliner MT-55 features a black oak stain 7-drawer stack and workstation with a ...
    Joseph Abruzzese's 20' Freightliner MT-55 Custom Tool Truck
    Ken Smart's 24' MT-55 Custom Tool Truck
    Ken’s new MT-55 custom tool truck has a stylish layout to showcase his products. Aluminum shelving with black fronts is complemented by color-changing LED’s and a ...
    Everything went perfect for me. Jeff is very good at what he does, and I would highly recommend him and LDV.
    Chris Dacus
    Jonesboro, Arkansas
    My best buying experience ever. Thank you Ray!
    Tom Kies
    Concord, NC
    Quality of the truck was excellent. Ray was very helpful.
    Steve Pino
    Meredith, NH
    "There were a lot of ideas that I had and a lot of things that I knew I wanted, but didn't know how to do. Ray and I worked together to figure it out. He was absolutely fantastic …
    Mike Elliott
    Potosi, MO
    Michael Kidd's 22' Freightliner MT-55 Custom Tool Truck
    Michael Kidd
    Rome, OH
    With my new truck, there's a huge difference in customer flow. Now, I can stay out of the way and not be standing in the aisle. This makes a big, big difference in how they shop and how long they shop …
    Kevin Schram
    Gillette, WY
    Thanks again Ray, as always the service is unparalleled. I want to again thank you, Pete and the rest of the LDV staff for getting me my new truck in the fastest possible manner. After a horrific accident where my truck was totaled, I was up and running …
    John Corvi
    Peoria, AZ
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