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Chassis for the Long Haul

When your business model is a rolling store, dependability is important. That’s why we only use proven, high-powered, reliable chassis like Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner and Hino. Show up every time on time with a Snap-on Truck you can trust. Because we know your truck is like a second home, we make sure it’s:

Designed for maximizing space and comfort, our cab chassis tool trucks provide:

  • Designed for optimal space and comfort
  • A well-laid-out merchandising environment to generate more sales
  • Contemporary furnishings like aluminum and modern wood shelving
  • Innovative technology, POS systems, POP displays and safety features
  • Providing 22′, 24′, and 26′ and larger cab chassis trucks, we deliver both traditional and contemporary custom interiors for all of your tool storage and merchandising needs.

    Click on vehicle images below for overview, details and additional images.

    2020 Kenworth T370 29ft. SUPER Custom Tool Truck!
    SUPER CUSTOM TOOL TRUCK!! Built on a 2020 Kenworth T370 chassis with 33HP PACCAR diesel and an Allison 3000HS automatic transmission, this truck features a 330AMP ...
    Mitch McCaslin's New 22ft. Freightliner M2 Tool Truck
    Mitch McCaslin recently took delivery of this awesome new tool truck! Built on a 22ft. Freightliner M2, Mitch has packed tons of features into the interior. ...
    Chuck Hall's New 22ft. Kenworth Tool Truck
    Chuck Hall’s new 22ft. Kenworth T270 Elite is a beauty! The outside features chrome stacks, underbody storage, LED scene lights, and a custom-fabricated generator compartment with ...
    Bert DeLeon's New 22ft. Kenworth Tool Truck
    Bert DeLeon’s 22ft. Kenworth tool truck is absolutely loaded with features! This T270 Elite tool truck features chrome stacks and air horns to really make it ...
    Brad Pruett's New 22ft. Kenworth Tool Truck
    Brad Pruett’s new tool truck is packed with features! Brad’s new tool truck features our ColorCore interior, L-shaped desk with custom knife display, double repair stack, ...
    Steve Ford's New 22ft. Kenworth Tool Truck
    Packed with features! Steve Ford’s new Kenworth features our ColorCore interior with Snap-on logo inlay for the product display shelves. VersaFlex product display drawers offer flexibility. ...
    Travis Martz's New 22ft. Kenworth Tool Truck
    Travis studied photos, our website and our Facebook page for inspiration for his new tool truck. It took ten years of patience and waiting but the ...
    Mark Diaz's new 26ft. Peterbilt Tool Truck
    Mark Diaz’s new 26ft. Peterbilt tool truck has some awesome features! From the ColorCore interior to the VersaFlex product display drawers, his truck is well thought ...
    Mark Kulak's 22ft. Kenworth Custom Tool Truck
    Mark Kulak’s new mobile tool store is a 22ft. Kenworth and boasts tons of features including a 2000-lb. Thieman liftgate, LED rear scene lights, exhaust stacks, ...
    Trent Walker's 22ft. Kenworth Custom Tool Truck
    Trent Walker’s new 22ft. custom tool truck is built on a Kenworth chassis with a 7.5 Onan generator and battery box with a slide-out tray. The ...
    Bart Sunn's 22ft. Peterbilt Custom Tool Truck
    Bart Sunn’s new 22ft. Peterbilt custom tool truck is loaded with features! The shelves are SolidCore for durability along with the workstation as well. Black VersaFlex ...
    Joe Van Mater's 22ft. Hino Custom Mobile Tool Store
    Joe Van Mater’s new 22ft. Hino tool store feature light oak stain stack and workstation with our ColorCore display shelves and a ColorCore drawer stack at ...
    Alex Willie's 22ft. Kenworth Custom Mobile Tool Store
    Alex Willie’s new 22ft. Kenworth T270 mobile tool store turned out fantastic! His store features black stained oak repair and Monday-Friday stacks, carpeted custom hammer display, ...
    Don Tipton's 22ft. Freightliner M2 Mobile Tool Store
    Don Tipton’s new mobile tool store is a beauty! The 22ft. Freightliner M2 offers a ColorCore stack and workstation also include a jack display and carpeted ...
    Erron Hancock's 24ft. Kenworth Custom Mobile Tool Store
    Erron Hancock recently took delivery of his new 24ft. Kenworth mobile tool store! His truck features our ColorCore display and promo shelves with Snap-on logo inlay, ...
    Phil Agnew's 2018 22ft. Freightliner M2 Mobile Tool Store
    Phil Agnew recently took delivery of his new 22ft. mobile tool store! The Freightliner M2 includes a 240HP Cummins engine, Allison 2500 automatic transmission, and a ...
    Justin Smith's 22ft. Kenworth Custom Tool Truck
    Justin Smith recently took delivery of his 22ft. Kenworth mobile tool store! He chose a 2019 cab chassis with a 2,000-lb. self-closing liftgate and added a ...
    Dave Wolfe's 22ft. Kenworth Custom Mobile Tool Store
    Dave Wolfe’s new 22ft. Kenworth mobile tool store features cherry mahogany stained oak interior and promo shelves with VersaFlex drawers with red inserts for maximum product ...
    Art Baldini's 22ft. Kenworth Custom Mobile Tool Store
    Art Baldini’s new 22ft. Kenworth mobile tool store features our cherry mahogany stained oak display shelves and drawers with socket rails, custom oak hammer rack, 22″ ...
    Dave Pontz's new 22ft. Kenworth Custom Mobile Tool Store
    Dave Pontz recently took delivery of his new 22ft. Kenworth Mobile Tool Store. His truck features our ColorCore 6-drawer stack with a red powder coated socket ...
    Chris Liney's 22ft. Kenworth Custom Tool Truck
    The Lineys made the trip to Burlington, Wisconsin to pick up their new 22ft. Kenworth cab chassis custom mobile tool store and are heading home. A ...
    Erwin Shatzen's 22' Freightliner M2 Custom Tool Truck
    Erwin Shatzen recently took delivery of his 22ft. custom tool truck! This Freightliner M2 has a 7.5 Oman diesel generator, battery box with slides for easy ...
    Mike Messenger's 22' Freightliner M2 Custom Tool Truck
    Interior: 5-shelf PS w/ black PC shelves Undershelf drawers Socket rails Combination DS w/ black drawers Black powdercoated shelves and socket rails Black oak L-shaped workstation ...
    Mark Cheely's 22' Freightliner M2 Custom Tool Truck
    Interior: 5-shelf DS Combination PS red & black styrene Red powdercoated shelves Oak w/ black stain Undershelf and floor drawers w/ diamond plate Floor to ceiling ...
    Brandon Dilley's 22' Kenworth Custom Tool Truck
    Interior: Oak 5-shelf DS with cherry mahogany stain Combo PS with black drawers & red styrene LED lighted plexi shelves Oak L-shaped desk w/ angled knife ...
    Tim Driscoll's 22' Hino Custom Tool Truck
    Interior: 5-shelf – oak w/ light stain Undershelf drawers on PS Oak L-shaped desk Single repair stack Features: Full walk-thru Base exterior Black socket center Pro-air ...
    Tom Simpson's 24' Kenworth Custom Tool Truck
    Interior: 5-shelf ColorCore with Snap-on engraved inlay Black oak undershelf drawers ColorCore l-shaped w/ angled black oak knife & literature display ColorCore double stack Features: 6″ ...
    JR. Davis' 24' Freightliner M2 Custom Tool Truck
    JR Davis’s new 24ft. M2 has a 33,000 GVWR and a ton of color! Cherry mahogany oak stain shelves are used throughout the vehicle for storage. ...
    Ron Acord's 24' Kenworth Custom Tool Truck
    Colorcore shelves with socket rails Colorcore double stack and workstation with angled knife display Stacks, LED bumper lightbar Lighted cab accents Exterior storage box Socket center ...
    26' Kenworth T-370 Custom Tool Truck
    5-shelf with red mahogany Undershelf drawers Double stack and L-shaped workstation Lots of floor drawers Gen, multiple exterior storage Slide out pages with storage underneath Split ...
    Jeffery Richardson's 22' Freightliner M2 Custom Tool Truck
    5-shelf with undershelf drawers and socket rails Light oak stain Light oak double stack repair and workstation Knife display Stacks S on grille Exterior storage Generator ...
    James Thomas’ 22' Freightliner M2 Custom Tool Truck
    Solidcore shelves (2 with logo inlay) Solidcore stack and workstation VersaFlex drawer section with red on PS 5-shelf DS Solidcore removable e-track shelves Window at workstation ...
    Harold Johnson's 22' Freightliner M2
    Interior: Aluminum 5-shelf DS 4-shelf PS with only 2 VersaFlex drawers All black Oak with black stain double stack repair and L-shaped desk Features: Swirl plate ...
    "My favorite part is how LDV lets you customize your truck to fit your exact needs in every way and they not come back and try to charge you more $$ for making it your way. Pete (Madsen) listens to every single idea and concern and addressed them, making the whole process smooth. The value of these trucks, to me, is amazing."
    Mark Diaz
    Snap-on Tools
    "Sam was excellent in getting my truck setup exactly the way I wanted couldn't be happier with how it turned out!"
    Steven Ford
    New Ringgold, Pennsylvania
    "Very impressive operation and customer care. It's been nice seeing you grow over the years. We are looking forward to our next truck upgrade already."
    Harold Johnson
    Irving, TX
    "You guys rock! Best truck in the industry."
    John Davis
    Fayetteville, Georgia
    "Great people, great product. Very satisfied with my purchase."
    Mark Cheely
    Brodnax, Virginia
    I think everyone in my experience did a fine job at LDV. I have been with Snap-on for 27 years. This truck is the best one yet. All 7 of my trucks have come from LDV.
    John Phares
    Bloomington, IN
    Just wanted to say thanks again for the tool truck. The workmanship is excellent and I appreciate the time you spent helping me. "Team LDV" service is also excellent.
    John Mancuso
    Oak Ridge, NJ
    What everyone says about old dealers not buying new trucks, it's not true. I buy a new truck every 7 or 8 years. It freshens up your business - it's motivating, especially if you have to drive the thing every day.
    Don Kavalle
    Alta Loma, CA
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