Medical Outreach Vehicles

COVID-19 Response.

LDV is here to help your organization respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. A properly equipped community outreach vehicle can be built as non-CDL required for easy operation as well as equipped with patient rooms, exam tables and medical equipment as needed. We can help design and build a custom community outreach vehicle or trailer for both COVID-19 testing or mobile vaccination administration.

COVID-19 Testing, Vaccination, Dental, Mammography, Blood Donation and more!

Considering taking your medical services on the road? We can help! Our experts can make floorplan, chassis and feature recommendations based on your wants and needs. Want to simplify the set-up and shutdown of your outreach vehicle with the push of a button? Our industry exclusive Intel-I-Touch™ can handle it! Want more workspace inside your vehicle? We build our own flat floor slide-outs that eliminate trip hazards while maximizing your interior space. Legendary LDV quality doesn’t stop there. Contact a sales specialist today to learn more: 800-558-5986.

Blood Donation

Every year an estimated 6.8 million people in the United States donate blood and 4.5 million will need a blood transfusion. Blood donation vehicles are widely popular for their convenience and ease of use. Bring your donation services to businesses, college campuses and other events.

COVID-19 Testing & Vaccination

Self sustaining COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination vehicles and trailers to help your community response efforts during the pandemic. If you are in need of a mobile testing or vaccination vehicle, we can help!


Looking to expand your dental services? LDV has designed, built and delivered many outreach vehicles for dental clinics around the globe. Reach more patients with a properly equipped dental vehicle. Contact us today to set up a brainstorming session!

General Medical

From pediatrics to audiology, general medical, sports medicine and more, today's medical outreach vehicles are an extension of your brick and mortar facility. Contact us to learn how we can design an outreach vehicle complete with private patient rooms, lavatory, waiting area, accessibility lifts and more!


Leading the specialty service vehicle market for over 44 years, we take time to ensure we deliver the craftsmanship, innovation and highly responsive service you need. We are determined to give you complete confidence in your ability to respond quickly when called into action, now and long into the future.

Custom Vehicles Bring COVID-19 Testing and Vaccinations to Your Community
Mobile Clinics Help Provide COVID Tests and Vaccines to Communities
Responsive Customer Support

Anticipating and addressing customer demands upfront, we begin each relationship with a great buying experience and continue supporting you from pre-build, through the build process, and long after the sale. Any time you call us, we answer.