Emergency Response & Crisis Intervention

Emergency Response and Crisis Intervention Vehicles – Always Ready

At LDV, our customers often know what they need to accomplish, but they don’t know how to make it happen. That’s where we come in. You can trust us to build a mobile command post or emergency response vehicle you can depend on – now and for years to come. We are driven to deliver exactly what you need, at a cost that fits your budget.

Whether using it on a daily or monthly basis, your mobile response unit will be ready for deployment at a moment’s notice – reliably, consistently and without fail. After all, when it comes to such an important purchase, we work with you to get it right the first time and maintain fiscal responsibility by:

  • Listening to your critical demands
  • Providing the latest, updatable technology
  • Developing a plan (3D rendering for your review)
  • Fine-tuning the plans accordingly

Once in field, we make sure the truck is simple to operate, especially in a crisis, and can be retrofitted with the newest innovations to extend its useful life for many years to come.

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More about LDV
We manufacture a wide range of emergency response vehicles, including:
Bomb / EOD

When you want to send a message for anyone’s who’s watching, you want an EOD response vehicle that not only gets the job done, but looks as formidable as it performs.

Catastrophe Response

When your community is depending on you to pick up the pieces after a disaster, we will make sure that your vehicle operates exactly the way it needs to.

Crime Lab

Mobile crime and investigation labs offer on-site investigation capabilities for your department.

Dive Trucks

Multiple chassis options including cab chassis, walk in style vans, trailers and pick-up trucks. We have over 40 years experience building custom dive vehicles.

DUI / BAT Vehicles

Add mobile checkpoints to your fleet! You'll have the proper blood/alcohol testing equipment, temporary holding cells and the ability to book impair drivers or boaters within the custom vehicle.

Emergency Service Vehicles
Emergency Services

Conveying an image in the community of protection and trust, emergency management vehicles need to look as great as they perform.

Mobile Command / Crisis Intervention / HNT

Beyond meeting the crisis at hand, at LDV, we understand the importance of storage, comfort, meeting space, technology and aesthetics for your mobile command center vehicle.

Swat Rapid Response
SWAT / Rapid Response

Ensuring your SWAT team vehicle is in a constant state of readiness, we push ourselves to build trucks that deliver when called upon – when you need them most.


Not all emergency response vehicles are vehicles. LDV has been building emergency response trailers just as long as we have been building vehicles. We can integrate slide-outs, telescopic masts with cameras, spacious conference areas, workstations and more into your custom trailer just like our vehicles.

Emergency Response Vehicles Used Trucks
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Responsive Customer Support

Anticipating and addressing customer demands upfront, we begin each relationship with a great buying experience and continue supporting you from pre-build, through the build process, and long after the sale. Any time you call us, we answer.