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I thank all of the people I met at LDV. Each individual I met really understands customer service, and making a person feel comfortable. My observation was nothing but spectacular at all stages involved. Each person communicates on a level that allows the customer to fully understand the commitment to excellence LDV requires. Each and every time I met with Cory he was never pushy or had the famous (I must close this deal syndrome). He was always of course concerned but never ever over the top sales nervous. Nate the Great understands the engineering aspect of sales excellence and has the correct attitude and disposition to keep time tables for the projects to stay focused for completion. Ruth the calming voice on the phone ensures all is on point, and let’s not forget "Just Bob," as he calls himself, he delivers the final and most important piece of the pie. Nothing but a class act from top to bottom. The CEO of the company should be proud to have employees like yourselves. Those that I have not named please give them my regards of a JOB WELL DONE and I will continue to guide programs that are in need of Mobile Units to LDV. I will send pics soon of the new van in action.

DON SEALS Pediatrics Mobile Unit Manager, St. Bernard Health

MOC 1 is working out great. No issues and we are so very pleased with it. We get lots of compliments about it when out and is truly meeting our needs.

GERARD J. WHITTINGTON, JR. Erie County Emergency Services, Buffalo, NY
I just wanted to take a moment to provide a little feed back after the installation of the camera system and nightscan light system on our truck.
Over the past week and a half, we've had two major crime scenes that required use of these tools that were installed. We had an Officer Involved Shooting and a Fatal Crash, both at night, that required use of the light. It worked flawlessly! 
Please advise your staff that we are extremely grateful for their efforts during the installation of this equipment. It surely allowed us to do things that prior to installation we wouldn’t have been able to do! 
SCOTT FOOTIT Vehicle Fleet Manager - Oshkosh Police Department

Just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with our water operations truck that we purchased last year.  The past two weekends we worked in SW Minnesota on a double drowning (5 hour drive from here).  Nice handling vehicle and a nonstop resource at the scene.  We were able to work two robotics systems and a Kongsberg sonar out of the heated interior.  I even drove it out on 14" ice- don't try this at home.  Multiple agencies are impressed. By the way, the generator is VERY easy on fuel. Thanks- a project well done!

DAVID PHILIPS (UNDERSHERIFF) St. Louis County Sheriffs Office

We are truly enjoying the new vehicle and so are our patrons.  Your company was really fabulous to work with.  Thank you.


This is my third LDV truck, but I looked around years ago and I have one from someone else. I didn’t look this time. You have the best quality no question. The fit and finish is much better on your truck than anyone else’s. They hold up much better and that’s the truth.


If anyone ever needs to - call me as a reference. I now consider Ray a friend. He didn't just sell me a [Snap-on] truck. When you are buying something this expensive, it's nice to know you can call someone anytime with any questions. It's a lot of money and it could be very stressful, but he took that right out of it.

TOM KIES Concord, NC

Ray kept us excited with photos of the progress and tremendous follow up! Ray went beyond the call of duty helping us sell our older truck. Great job by everyone, especially your front man, Ray!


I was just writing to let you know that I have sold my tool truck. I sold it yesterday, but thank you so very much for all your help in listing it. If ever I need another tool truck I will certainly purchase another from LDV.


Thanks again Ray, as always the service in unparalleled. I want to again thank you, Pete and the rest of the LDV staff for getting me my new [Snap-on] truck in the fastest possible manner. After a horrific accident where my truck was totaled, I was up and running with a new stocked truck in less than two weeks. It could never have been done without you and your company's prompt response to a dire situation. Hopefully this will be my last truck but if not, I know who to call!


I wanted to drop you a note to say that we are very pleased with the product that we purchased from LDV. It is evident that your company invests in quality and the truck reflects the experience that LDV has in building vehicles. 
Thank you for your expertise/experience in building this vehicle. I wish all of our vendors were as good.                                                                                                                                                               


The overall interior of the mobile medical unit turned out beautifully, we get patients commenting on how warm and inviting the interior is every day. The modern clean look of the coach really reflects on Sacred Heart; it's a great billboard for the hospital. LDV was a great company to work with. I spent approximately 10 months on this project, countless hours on the phone and several visits back to LDV to see this project through. I can honestly say that the LDV staff are awesome! Throughout the project I always felt like LDV was only interested in building the best mobile medical vehicle possible and meeting our every expectation. 

STEVE FRACZ Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center

The purpose of our Mobile Command Center is primarily field operational capability. Our operations take place in predominantly rural areas and it can be very difficult to conduct operations from the front seat of a patrol car. The vehicle was also designed to support a specific Buffer Zone Protection Plan and was built with the capabilities necessary to perform that mission. We have fielded the vehicle on a number of occasions, two of them under emergency situations. The first emergency was on April 9, 2011 when an F3 tornado struck the city of Mapleton, Iowa in an adjoining county. We responded immediately in support of the operations there.

GREG LOGAN Chief Deputy Woodbury County IA Sheriff

As the largest sheriff's office in Colorado we respond to many critical incidents. We are located just west of Denver, with a population of 500,000. We deploy our mobile command center on an almost weekly basis and our mobile crime lab several times a week. 

RUSTY HARDY Fleet Manager Jefferson County CO Sheriff's Office

We chose LDV, because the customer service and the overall quality have been excellent over the several projects that I've been involved with over the past 17 years. We liked how each of LDV's divisions took significant pride in the work they produced and the whole company ran with a family atmosphere - Each doing their part to exceed customer expectations.

TOBIE WEBERG Deputy Inspector Milwaukee County WI Sheriff's Office

I've lost count of how many toolbox keys I've lost over the years, but LDV has supplied me with the right replacement every time!


Just wanted to let you know your team did a wonderful job absolutely love the [Snap-on] truck.


The most crucial part of building my tool truck was working with Ray. He helped me based on what's working, what people are building now. I can't say enough about how much I appreciate all of the help from the people at LDV. It's a lot of money and a really large decision - we changed plans several times, it was a lot of work and everyone was really helpful.


I chose LDV because you guys make the best tool truck. I've been in business for 22 years and this is my fourth LDV truck.


I've been buying Lynch tool truck units since 1980. Why look elsewhere. I don't want to cut corners when I buy something - just as my customers don't want to cut corners when they buy Snap-on tools. You guys have always taken really good care of me. I like the way you build and you can see the quality you put into the trucks. You make a FANTASTIC truck.


We just took possession of our new LDV mobile command center, and we are extremely pleased with it. The quality and craftsmanship is impressive. I want to thank both of you for your assistance in walking me through the purchase and design process. I really enjoyed working with both of you. Your driver, Mike, was also very professional and represented LDV well. He had in-depth knowledge of the vehicle specs and operations, and provided our staff with good training.

LIEUTENANT TODD DUNCAN Lancaster County NE Sheriff's Department

We work with some of the best professionals in the business in my opinion. A lot of people out there all of a sudden think they can become experts in building command and communications vehicles and there's more to producing this vehicle than doing the build. You have to have people that understand integration of systems.


As the fleet manager for the sheriff's office I must have vehicles that will always perform any mission our deputies might undertake and I know that LDV vehicles can be counted on to do that. We chose LDV after looking at all of the available specialty vehicle manufacturers. Our first LDV vehicle was a bomb truck, followed by a mobile crime lab and our latest LDV, a mobile command center.                                                                                                                                      

RUSTY HARDY Fleet Manager Jefferson County CO Sheriff's Office

I started with a (LDV) tool van back in 1986 and will not shop anywhere else for a van for my team. The customer service that Bob and his team have provided me over the past 20 years is second to none. From service issues to sales and support, your team has always kept their commitment to delivering superior Snap-on style performance and that is very important to me in a business partner. Thanks for all you do.

GORDON FOXWORTHY Pacific Northwest Region

The Albuquerque Police Department has several LDV vehicles that, I think go back 15 to 20 years. They've been real happy with the quality of those vehicles.

UNDERSHERIFF SAL BARAGIOLA Bernalillo County NM Sheriff's Department

I chose LDV because I looked at the competition and they're not even close. The quality doesn't compare. I've always had great luck with LDV's service department. The service is great; the parts department has been excellent. They always respond right away. I get the right parts every time, right away. I also chose LDV because you've been around a long time - which means you'll likely be around a long time.                                                                                                                                                               

WAYNE LYVERS Saint Leonard, MD

We kept coming back to LDV primarily because we had the experience with them, and experience is worth a heck of a lot when it comes to making a big decision like that. My advice for people looking to purchase a new vehicle is to go to Wisconsin and see how you guys make this vehicle. That is probably the most telling trip of just the quality put into this thing. Looking at the wood shop blew be away.                                                                                                          

SERGEANT JIM KAMMERER Broward County Sheriff Florida Sheriff's Department

I choose LDV because of the quality; price is irrelevant. If I'm looking at $120,000 vs. $130,000 dollars, it's a non-issue. I want what I want how I want it. You've always done everything I've asked. You've built to my specifications, without any hesitation. I'll say I want something this way and it's always 'Of course we can do that.' The quality is beyond comprehension. No one comes close. They try really hard, but they just don't have the experience, they can't compete.


You will find that I have provided very high scores for LDV. In my opinion and based on our experience they deserve these scores. From concept to build completion it has been an enjoyable relationship. There is nothing hidden during this entire process, there is no push to spend resources (money) on items you do not need. Any problems encountered during our build were dealt with in a professional and expedient fashion. Suggestions were made by the vendor to assist in enhancing the operation of our command unit. I consider them a premier builder of command/special purpose vehicles - second to none.

LIEUTENANT COLONEL DAVID FRANKLIN Maryland Transportation Authority Police

I'm so happy with your organization. The professionalism is unbelievable. You know, I could have saved myself a lot of money in the past. I bought from the competition. I should have known better, being a Snap-on dealer - price isn't everything. It's cost me a lot of money to own those. I'm getting killed on them. You (LDV) take it to a different level. I should've known better.


Well, the Police Chief fortunately had a little bit of history with LDV. This vehicle is a result of a combination of his knowledge of the vehicles and the reputation that LDV has for building quality vehicles.


I have absolutely seen an increase in sales. I've tried to put my finger on it - I would say 15-20% increase in sales. My customers now know that I am serious and dedicated to being a Snap-on dealer. I have certainly been able to display the product better and carry more product than I ever was in the past.

DEAN KETTNER Victoria, BC Canada

I hope to retire with my current [Snap-on] truck, but if I do replace it, I won't even consider anything else besides an LDV interior. Thanks LDV, and congratulations on your 30 year anniversary. I've been with you for 22 of those years and you have made a GREAT business partner.

PHILIP GARVIN Snap-on Tools Meridan, ID

LDV tool vans are the Cadillac of tool trucks. Your attention to detail stands far above the rest of the competition. Great Employees is what makes a great company, and you have a great company. I can’t say enough good things about your company. The best tools in the world need to have the best showroom available. Keep up the good work.

MICHAEL CRIDER Snap-on Tools Hanoverton, OH

We have two LDV vehicles which we really, really love, and I don’t use that four-letter word often. I use it sparingly. If I may say editorially what I think is one of the greatest testaments to your product, and you’re not paying me to say this, but one of the greatest testaments to your product is the reliability and its durability. The first vehicle that we bought over eleven and a half years ago has had very few systems problems whatsoever. You guys are customer oriented, service oriented and you’ve built one of the best doggone trucks I’ve ever seen in 28 years of law enforcement.

CHIEF RICHARD KASTIGAR Pima County Sheriff Arizona

Our first vehicle ordered was a Mobile Command Center. It brought excellent reviews from surrounding agencies and resulted in new business to LDV. Our vehicle was mirrored with a few modifications. Excellent product.

MAJOR JOHN WALDENVILLE Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office

I bought my dealer van in 1977 from LDV for I think $12,700. I’ve watched you grow and since, have ordered many tool trucks for my dealers and industrial sales personnel. LDV has always been a pleasure to work with. Congratulations on 30 years!


I've had 2 LDV trucks, but if you add them up, my family has had six or seven. My dad always bought his tool trucks from LDV. I chose LDV because someone always answers the phone and takes care of my problems.

JEFF LANDIS Brickerville, PA
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