General Specialty Vehicles

Each Vehicle Is Different, Each Commitment Is the Same

At LDV, we incorporate our extensive knowledge in serving mobile markets into every vehicle we design and build, around the globe. Manufacturing specialty vehicles for a wide range of uses, we make sure to deliver the things most important to you:

  • Dependable deployment, day in and day out
  • Easy-to-operate, with or without a CDL
  • Comfortable and inviting work environments
  • Innovative displays and technology
  • Designs allow for easy retrofits and upgrades
  • Appearance – it looks great driving down the road


    Like with our other specialty vehicles, at LDV, we take great pride in our ability to help bring a needed service to the community. Delivering books and technology to those who can’t always make it to a library ...

    Other General Specialty

    Whether you’re looking for a mobile classroom, tech trailer, STEM lab or a mobile production studio, or any other type of mobile work unit ...

    Responsive Customer Support

    Anticipating and addressing customer demands upfront, we begin each relationship with a great buying experience and continue supporting you from pre-build, through the build process, and long after the sale. Any time you call us, we answer.